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Air holes

Discussion in 'General Rendering Discussions' started by spunky, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. spunky

    spunky Private Member

    is it just me or has anyone also noticed shitloads of air holes in scraped render lately ?
  2. madmonk

    madmonk Private Member

    is that after using a serrated edge aswell?
  3. spunky

    spunky Private Member

  4. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    I've beeen finding lots of A-holes floating about recently, not mentioning any names :inocente: :LOL:
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  5. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    You finding these after you scratched the render?
  6. spunky

    spunky Private Member

    Yes ryan it’s a lot worse when you use an I section I’ve never known it like it?
  7. MikeAtthis

    MikeAtthis Well-Known Member

    Are you putting to much on before flattering and serrating it maybe

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  8. spunky

    spunky Private Member

    No mate we’re working off a 6 ft plank, it’s not a major thing I was just wondering if anyone else was getting it we seem to be getting a run of them lately
  9. madmonk

    madmonk Private Member

    I normally put first coat on then serrate that then put another coat on wet on wet then serrate that aswell don't seem to get any but do if I end up putting to much on in one go
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  10. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    Does it look like bullet holes mate?

    If yes, it could be down to unmixed material. Give me a call and I’ll explain
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  11. CeeVee

    CeeVee Well-Known Member

    Never had these since we started spraying.
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  12. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Like what one stop is saying are you sure it's not lumps not mixing proper or the bags have lumps?
  13. kebab king

    kebab king Private Member

    Possibly just cos ya a useless Cant
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  14. spunky

    spunky Private Member

    Probably see what happens on the next job
  15. Rigsby

    Rigsby Private Member

    What are you putting the mono onto?

    I did a job putting Kilsaren superbond (like rendaid) onto Parex Microgobetis. Then Kilsaren Mono.

    Hindreds of air bubbles.

    But never happens when putting parex on Micro.
  16. spunky

    spunky Private Member

    Just blocks mate it’s as soon as we started next day scrapes and has happened on every job we’ve been on, we’re not even brushing it anymore cause it’d just get stupid
  17. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    Sounds more and more like unmixed material to be honest mate.
    How many l of water are you adding per bag?
  18. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    Noticed some little air bubbles in Webber lac base coat today, made me think of this thread....
  19. Rigsby

    Rigsby Private Member

    Are you spraying? Sounds like you are drawing air into your water.
  20. Lox

    Lox Member

    If you prime walls it will help mate ! You need to catch the render a bit softer it will stop the problem
  21. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

  22. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    The reasons can be so many.... I just gave up. My best guess will be too thick top coat. Once you star ruling it off it moves down and creates lots of problems hence I always try to put more with the mesh. All this can be cured with the right suction and good timing when to hit it. In my opinion key coat has very little to do here. But try to hit it late with the ruler and you can be in much biger troubles. Go and figure it out. I am scratching my head every time it happens and adjustments are needed.

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