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mtec 200

Discussion in 'What Machine do you use?' started by Dansouthcoast84, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    Yes its this topic again but im.stuck between the ritmo.ewi 110v and the m200.

    so has anyone used both?

    mainly interested to hear from the mtec users as ive seen the 230v ritmo in action. i need to compare to help me out choosing.

    i would mostly be spraying 10mm ocr, silicone topcoat and the odd mono.
  2. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Got to worth taking a day trip to each sellers yard and finding out yourself,
    Tbh I would if I brought one brand new
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  3. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    why dont you ask Ryan (@Plasterers1StopShop) if you can hire one and see what you think? He should know you well enough now :D
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  4. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    hes currently being tied to a.lampost in marbella for his stag aparently.

    i have spoken to him
    i just wanted some views on people who use the machine really.
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  5. luckylad

    luckylad Member

    We've recently bought an m200 . I've not used a ritmo.
    It's a steep learning curve,but what would've took me 2 days to hand apply,only took half a day.
    I do small amounts of Ewi and it seems perfectly able to cope,in fact I've got it on the slower speed because its too fast for my brain.
    I called up plasterers through p1ss Facebook page for advice.
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  6. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    I'll be back soon mate. If you give Andy a call he'll be happy to help
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  7. Rossi46

    Rossi46 Private Member

    Do you always silicone over OCR Dan?
  8. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    your still alive?
  9. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    for render only on new brick and block i use system ocr witg mesh then silicone top. we tend to get alot of this
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  10. duke163

    duke163 Active Member

    I had the 200 on hire from Ryan for a short while , took a day to get used to it spraying ocr . He offered me a good rent then buy deal but my circumstances changed and i couldn't take it up .
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  11. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    do you do demos? or know anyone local to me that can show me?
  12. bobski

    bobski Active Member

    I think there's about 3 or 4 spreads down your way that have em mate. (M200's)

    There are a couple of vids on you tube and facebook at the mo, and they're posting work down your way.

    I think with the M200 jumping from ocr straight to silicone top coat there is hardly any changes to the machine.

    Same gun and set up, (just need to turn the speed dial down I think). Pretty straight forward I think.
  13. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    Thanks bud.

    as said ive had a ritmo on my jobs few times. i would like to see the 200 in the flesh and the set up more.than anything.
    like buying a car this aint it...
  14. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    We do indeed mate. Best to give us a call and we can arrange one for you
  15. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    ah... but do you do site demos?
  16. Plasterers1StopShop

    Plasterers1StopShop Private Member

    I'm sure something can be arranged mate
  17. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    always loved you! lol
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  18. Mag

    Mag Active Member

    I'll hire you my ritmo for £800 a day
  19. Dansouthcoast84

    Dansouthcoast84 Private Member

    for that price ill take it for a week!lol
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