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Speedskim storage

Discussion in 'Plastering Product Reviews' started by Dave king, May 21, 2017.

  1. Dave king

    Dave king Member

    Hey does anyone have suggestions on how to store your speedskim away safely
  2. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    In the van you mean? Or while working
  3. Dave king

    Dave king Member

    Yeah thought there maybe like a carry case or something to keep them from getting damaged
  4. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    I made 3 ply shelfs in van for mine so they can't fly around in back of van if I brake hard or bank it round a corner when I take um into job just careful where I place them , I think @Speedskim said they have some sort of carry case thing coming out on another thread a while back
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  5. Dave king

    Dave king Member

    Cheers mate for that I know what I'm doing tomorrow lol. Would be good if they did come up with something I mean I treat them like a new born baby lol its other people I'm more worried about as there's alot of people out there that have no respect for other people's tools.
  6. Natwasere

    Natwasere Well-Known Member

    They come with a blade protector? Mine are on a shelf in van ....... off the floor and never damaged them yet.
  7. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I think people where using rod bags from tackle shops...
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  8. Dave king

    Dave king Member

    I've had one damaged due to someone's neglect they borrowed it lost the blade guard and threw it in the back of the van without a word when I went to get it it was under a tub that had fallen and we'll put it this way not straight anymore lol
  9. Natwasere

    Natwasere Well-Known Member

    Lesson ... don't lend your tools. Especially to twats
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  10. Dave king

    Dave king Member

    Lol don't worry learnt the hard way
  11. choppa

    choppa Active Member

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  12. Speedskim

    Speedskim Active Member

    Yeah absolutely Vincey, we are in the progress of manufacturing a nice case..
    Should be released late summer, but for those who are keen to get something sooner there are some good 'light box stand' cases and also 'router template' cases that do a good job. Make sure you buy the right length case though!..
    Will keep you posted on progress... :)
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  13. Natwasere

    Natwasere Well-Known Member

    All jokes aside just make a shelf in the van even on like ladder hooks in van. Something to just keep it off the floor and everything off of them cos that's when they get damaged.
  14. scottie5

    scottie5 Private Member

    Something like this.
    Or a padded fishing rod bag if the profession hitman look isn't for you.
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  15. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    Think I've got this one...

    ImageUploadedByThe Plasterers Forum1495522480.717917.jpg
  16. Wayners

    Wayners Active Member

    I use slide binders to protect the blades. Really ment for paper binding or to clip on the bottom of posters. I use on saws, speed skim and so on to protect edges. You can get it in long lengths and cut to size. Bought mine from local hardware store but you will find online and in stationary shops. Works well. Found this pic on net of some some [​IMG]
  17. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Speedskims now come with these as standard :D

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