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    Universal One Coat

    Yea totally agree just never done it on artex only boards was Just wondering if it comes up ok with the one coat on artex.
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    Universal One Coat

    Just the one coat?
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    Need advice.

    Another keyboard warrior
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    Need advice.

    Ok mr banner
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    Need advice.

    Don’t turn green on us will you now!...... Look mate no hard feelings I’ve got a decent plastering company with about 25 lads on full time, if your ever stuck for a bit of work give me a shout and I’ll chuck you on with labourers board loading.
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    Need advice.

    Come on then hulk, what’s your advice? Ow and write proper English
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    Need advice.

    Take all the tiles off have the whole bathroom back to block work then dot and dab with green moisture board and skim.
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    Taking 2 month course. Introduction and questions

    Hi, mate welcome along. With the window wall I would chip it all off and I no it’s annoying but if the room down stairs you’ll have to take the ceiling out and come of the wall the above it. Only way you’ll get it spot on level then get a big tub of tartin pva bond ( Wicks is the best place)...
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    Too long between coats.

    So you put on a coat of multi and left it?
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    new tape measure

    Don’t even use a tape, just do it by eye!
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    Hello, please help.

    Best bet would probably be go back to sleep!
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    Could of cried

    So today finished a house for a customer it was a big house half re skim half new had the lounge to do today fire place was float and set, bit of a nightmare job because the customer wasn’t having skirting board so had to go right down to the floor and not leave a gap (looks stupid if you ask...
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    This really annoys me

    Yea but with people like that say they do a bedroom I would charge £350-£400 aim to do it in a day. They will go there say £100 a day and take 4 days and people don’t like it when your earning £350 a day I’ve had it a few times before.
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    This really annoys me

    Someone sent me this ad that he saw......
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    Angle beads

    I remember my 1st pint mate, don’t worry