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    Mansfield. Yes the place with silly windows
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    Im after a 13 marshalltown town stainless steel . In new or used once condition . I’ll buy or swap . I have a 14 inch nela carbon used once or 20 inch marshalltown stainless
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    1930’s house

    Float or dab up to it.
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    Unhappy with recent coving job, what can I do?

    You want a refund for the whole job because that coving won’t come down without making a right mess.
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    Mansfield has the weirdest folk

    Get off my patch
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    What size trowel?

    You actually put gear on with an 18inch trowel?
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    What size trowel?

    Might have to go back to a mt for putting on .
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    What size trowel?

    What kind of trowel
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    What size trowel?

    I find it harder laying on with these narrower trowels especially on ceilings the gear seems to fall off back of trowel.
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    What size trowel?

    What size trowel are you lot putting on with ? I’ve always used 14inch but I’m considering going down to 13 inch . Thought it may be easier on the wrist . Currently using nela medi flex but I’m not convinced it’s strong enough for laying on with . Im thinking of going back to mt
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    Pre grit

    Always used febond blue grit . But I’ve found some bond it yellow grit cheaper . Anyone used it ? And is it just as good ?
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    What the foooook British Gypsum

    Gary told me @The Apprentice that if you open up your bags the night before it will take longer to go off . I used to do this on site in Sumer months and it works . It drawers the moisture out the air . Maybe some merchants store it in damp conditions and the reason why it’s s**t
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    What the foooook British Gypsum

    Reminds me of that make good dab that bnq sell . I had some last year as soon as I washed the whisk off it was going off
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    What’s sticking out of my plaster?

    Ffs it’s a bit of bloody scrim . What’s wrong with you people. I’m sure half you haven’t got a clue