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    Cant believe i.m posting in here but caught a monster today

    Wot u lot talking about u bunch of carrot crunchers.
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    I think pound for pound the ss tyzack 13inch trowel is a great bit of kit. I got one out of bnq.years ago used it for messing about .bonding ECT. Then cleaned it up one day it was a great finish trowel till I dropped it and broke the handle . Only 28quid. Good for newbie or diyer.
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    They recon this skunk s**t is 10 times stronger than 60s weed. I had a lab that went in the nut house twice. He blew the microwave up then attack Ed the firemen thought they were aliains .
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    Door arch

    Yuk you'll regret it. Charge 2days money.
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    cracks after 2 months

    It sounds like you are in the s**t it's gone cost more to put it right . And the mess. If it was me I'd ask him if you refund his money could he live with it . Then move on mate. F. Ck the rendering.
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    cracks after 2 months

    Timber moves. The same as plasterboard over joists and scim doesn't matter how much scrim or mesh u use timber expands ect. And u get a crack it's movement. It happens.same as solid walls any movement and render cracks above windows and doors mesh or eml won't spot it .
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    Absolutely excited

    Great news
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    No. or the ones who take 2beds in the sun and 2 in the shade
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    U don't say.
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    Just got back from holiday Costa del crime . some shithead stole my bumbag out of the beach bag by the pool while we had lunch.
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Where's that beach
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Very funny jonn j . It's hot in marbs.
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Wot colour is pure finish.
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    Hairline cracks on new rendering

    Give it two coats on one area c wot it looks like.