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  1. algeeman


    @Lodan I was gonna give the bottle to you mate for putting so much into the donations but I know your off the beer. Would you agree @Olican should get it mate for what he's done ?? Beer gets me into enough trouble without drinking shorts lol. Cheers @imago for fantastic prize but I'd like...
  2. algeeman

    I'm depressed

    This place is depressing :birra::birra:
  3. algeeman

    Charity songs

    Get your favourite tunes up for olicans charity by tomorrow night.... On thread "what's on Gary" Only got about £15 so far. £1 for your favourite song I'm paying .,..why has my letters gone fuucked.....anyway bang them on please you have 48 hours.
  4. algeeman

    Good morning

    Site monkeys Domestic pigs Bob the builders And fancy pants renderers. And the artistic @RobJack Hope you all hate your day as much me :p:p
  5. algeeman

    Everything is alot clearer

    Being off the beer for a week my brain has suddenly sparked into life. I have so many questions I need to answer.... Why am I skimming on shiit rates ?? Why does my local coop double their prices on a Friday evening ?? Why is there no smoke coming off the sun ?? I feel alive again (y)(y)
  6. algeeman

    Off shore accounts.

    Why does " the inner city of London" Control the world's wealth ?? Africa was £177 billion in debt the end of 2008..... While it's wealthiest elites paid £944 billion into British off shore accounts. The government turns a blind eye to where over £50 trillion are hidden. Does anyone know what...
  7. algeeman

    Olican charity

    There's a thread "What's on Gary" Put up your best tune if @Gibbo likes it to his donate another £1. Good luck folks. Gary's a hard man to please xx
  8. algeeman

    The joys of plastering

    I don't know what smelt worse from the back of the van driving home today..... The petrol from the jenny or the stale whiskey Stella piss bucket. Dust mask on going to work tomorrow I think :birra::birra::birra:
  9. algeeman

    North west renderers

    Is @wiganlad still on here or any more northern renderer's. Cheers.
  10. algeeman

    Andy's monkey and my robot

    I think @theclemo should lend me some money for some new lights.... My robot is getting fed up skimming in the dark. How's your monkey doing @Andy g ??
  11. algeeman


    @BritishGypsum ..... Going for a sneaky wank. I've been told it's better than the s**t you knock out. Sorry Jess xx
  12. algeeman

    Working with familia

    Funny as fuuck looking back at the sessions and arguments..... Used to work with my uncle Jasper and brother. A complete battle everyday. 2 of them used to race against each other untill uncle j realised the young buck had the better of him. I remember old Jasper first thing in the morning...
  13. algeeman

    Lost your way

    How many of you lurkers out there have lost their way ?? Be honest now puetos. Just popped over site next door to pick up scrim.....theres a fella in there with 20 different skimming tools. I walked in as he had a metal spat in his hands running them up and down reveals lol. Looked at me all...
  14. algeeman

    You lot....

    Are full of s**t
  15. algeeman

    Scottie 5

    Looking back at his plastering !!
  16. algeeman


    Anyone else set in their ways at work. I got out of the bath yesterday went to brush my teeth ....and no tooth brushes there. I stared into the right hand side window and shouted has anyone seen the tooth brushes. Kid shouted the bathroom. I shouted back ..I am in the bathroom. 5 mins of...
  17. algeeman

    Here you are lads...

    This is what my brother's now using for skimming . ..the mad cuunt.
  18. algeeman

    Piss taking cuunts

    Lads on site just gave me this lol arseholes. :lol:....snip time I think.
  19. algeeman

    Wooly hat time

    Am I being soft wearing a wooly hat already ?? Don't want to be the first man on site wearing one incase I look soft. Think I'll keep my hood up and wait for the plumb sparks to wrap up first. Good morning you old gits.
  20. algeeman

    Just a wee masturbators problem

    Mark knoflers early days
  21. algeeman

    I love lox

    How's that @Lox
  22. algeeman

    Hangover cure

    @Nisus can I eat these ?? Will they reverse my alcohol overdose cheers :coffee:
  23. algeeman

    Borish gypsum

    Send your problems to me British gypsum don't care. Il be your friend when your works a bit ropey. Who's first ??
  24. algeeman

    Elbow grease

    Removes soot off chimney breast .. f**k**g gob smacked !!! @Vincey I've learnt something new xx
  25. algeeman

    Does your trowel reflect on your cock ??

    Medi ?? Semi flex ?? Plastic ?? 18" steel ?? Rubber handle ?? Like mines bent and nicked ?? Ox ?? Or Is your manhood A feather edge ?? Small tool ?? Maybe a machine ?? Sorry Jess I won't mention buckets or belle mixers I'm a gentleman xx
  26. algeeman

    Interesting skills

  27. algeeman

    Kids homework

    Victor is back in his overdraft darling... ...wasn't the right answer lol.
  28. algeeman

    Eye of the tiger

    I hope your flat out plastering @Andy g time for sleeping dog. Get that s**t on the walls :envidioso:envidioso:envidioso:envidioso
  29. algeeman

    The forum

    Started as a hard job hard life forum. Now it's can I have a cuddle please forum. More whining and bickering that banter.
  30. algeeman

    Fuuck all that shiit....

    High school reunion..
  31. algeeman

    Hello lukercunts

    Anyone know how to post brother keeps sending me huge gauges ...I keep sending bigger gauges back.
  32. algeeman


    Got a call off a fella came up on phone "Carl work" 10 minute conversation on how we're both getting on how's my brother is he busy am I busy still in Lytham who am I on for how busy he is. Do I still like a bet Carl still likes a bet Can I knock out a plot for him at the weekend I...
  33. algeeman

    Northern rates

    Were all cold I'm going to work in a minute to put another gauge on to warm myself up. Surely this can't carry on. My kids are starving. HELP.
  34. algeeman

    Can't hardly move my right elbow

    Anyone elses trowelling arm gives up on you after 6 hours on the PS4 ?? Mines feels fuuckerood ??
  35. algeeman

    Wakey fuucking wakey

  36. algeeman

    Pay up !!

    Renderers taking beads back lol 4.30
  37. algeeman

    Telescopic sweeping brush

    Look at that @Vincey ...sweep my floors in one big sweep now...
  38. algeeman

    Good news or bad first

    Just got a call Her you want the good or bad news first. Me....bad. Her.....your tax rebate just came in £3591 and I've transferred £3500 into my account towards new 7 seater. Me ...the good news ?? got your tax rebate. Wtf ?? And I've gotta live with these...
  39. algeeman

    Why won't they just f**k**g DIE

    Gives me the fuucking creeps hundreds of them everywhere...
  40. algeeman

    Gordon i got myself a new phone

    @gps I tried saving my phone untill it died........gonna put some pics up of super huge gauges mate. Wait untill you see these new hits ..f**k**g unreal.
  41. algeeman

    Talking absolute shite

    @Vincey ...ive known you a few years now. Do me a favour and tell me to get to bed when I'm drunk on this forum lol. Your my moderator xx Good morning all
  42. algeeman

    Rates to make you sick

    Roughly I've skimmed £25000000 last year. Yes that's 25 million pounds worth of plots for about £55K. That would be £50 million down south lol. What a wonderfull life we have. Considering we all work for the government because everything we earn and buy goes back on taxes. I'm gonna open...
  43. algeeman

    my phones f**k*d

    only last 2 mins... so you lot are wankers lol
  44. algeeman

    we are the sultans of skim..

    cant fuucking wait ...tomozz last day. 16 rooms of this shiit. told me ive got 10 days done it in 9. 3 bed house to skim then taking kids away for a break ...what a fuucking 9 days its been !!!
  45. algeeman

    dash cam competion

    get them on your vans lets see which county has the biggest nobhead drivers. i bet lancashire wins. fuucking idiots everywhere. post up the dickheads on here. the winner gets to gently wank me off in the van.
  46. algeeman

    jobs you wish you didnt start

    i really cant be arsed with it.
  47. algeeman

    stop posting about cracking

    ITS HOT KEEP ANY HOT DRAFT OFF YOUR WALLS the slightest bit of heated draft will screw you even more so if you leave windows open during the night. STOP POSTING THE SAME SHIIT.
  48. algeeman


    its taking over the world
  49. algeeman


    @Danny said hes starting a room. no f**k**g thanks small pants. im not interested in your gingerism.
  50. algeeman

    just paid off contract phone.

    left it on the window today .....the heat started to split the cuunt in half. scrim or staples lol