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    As you can see it’s a big welcome from Danny, sometimes he has a stutter when there’s a newby Welcome along mate
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    Skimming slides about when troweling

    Try using your fingers to push the keys instead of your face
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    I will help anybody

    f**k off bawbag cock sucker Aswere c**t
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    Skimming slides about when troweling

    I think it's more to do with the thick plasterer than the PVA
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    New product

    Right @Vincey start getting the make up on ... We're shooting on Monday
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    New product

    Do you still need to PVA
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    One day at a time

    There you go Andy that's the sign writing for you Andy g fur al ur plastring neds covering of Al rads, artex and fllor na bother I am no the quickest or the best but wil try
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    Mental strength

    You are using your face to type the letters again on your phone .......please stop doing this as it very hard to understand you at the best of times
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    Nela s*p*r*lex trowel worth buying ????

    Get the Nela cracking trowel but you do have to take care of it especially around plugs as it can bend easily if you hit them hard, I have not used the ox but have heard good things about them so it is your choice.
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    Andy G selfie

    Andy g = F.O.S.
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    Happy new year

    Hope you all have a prosperous 2019 and happy new year
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    Y is everyone getting at andyg

    Andy g profile photo
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    Sooooo the phone calls begin !!!!!!

    Think he would be good for tea and sandwiches....lucky escape :LOL:
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    Sooooo the phone calls begin !!!!!!

    Andy g throwing you a deafy I am afraid
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    Slow plaster set down

    [ Honestly Andy give it a f***** rest your now starting to burst my balls with all your piss talk .....stick to getting 1 bag on quickly
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    Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome Just a couple of questions Do you plaster Are you a professional plaster Do you drink alcohol Do you suffer from depression Do you know Andy g Do you take offence to being called a c**t Can you shoot a gun
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    Taping oak up
  19. djfleming22

    Van organisation!!!

    Like the set up there Arti, the boards underneath very tidy, tools nice and safe and beads on the guttering very good
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    Marshalltown Scrim tape machine

    I always use the Gyproc Blue Classic tape never had a problem with it..... so should be OK
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    Marshalltown Scrim tape machine

    Don't think you can get that one here Lurpak but the other one is Marshalltown so most places sell them
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    Marshalltown Scrim tape machine

    The wheel part drops down so it goes into corners
  23. djfleming22

    Marshalltown Scrim tape machine

    Just wondering if these are any good or just a waste of time
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    Any one work near lincon, newark notts

    Sorry to say this but everyone is right, plastering is a non forgiving job if your in a bad place, go do something else for a while till you get the smile back, remember people on here are trying to help and sorry but your throwing back in there face, so get out.
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    New tools

    The first one I seen was on that Comedy movie what was the name yes that’s right “ one day plastering “ they look really wide
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    New tools

    Your right Andy g I have not ....,but I have said to her about the pots the pans the cooker and the ironing I didn’t think I would need to give her a clue about not using the f***** hoover
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    New tools

    I am getting the wife a new hoover because she does not know how to switch the other one on
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    Winter blues

    If we leave EU then that will not happen as it's an EU directive
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    And he is talking about his English and spelling not his plastering
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    Winter blues

    Don’t mind cold either but hate rain and high winds and van a mile away
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    He might not be interested in it as there’s no radiator there
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    s**t gear again

    That has to some of the most comforting words I have ever heard ....from the bottom of my heart I thank you so much. Kind regards Djf
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    Made me laugh

  34. djfleming22

    No he didnt

    Had a phone call from @BritishGypsum over a month ago yeah we will try and get some Pure finish to you still f*** waiting ... gave them some advice on gathering info yes thanks very much and no reply so sorry can’t believe that there any help at all just helping some :muyenojado:s
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    Please go ahead with the advice for the speedskim every bit helps
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    New Host and server

    I never felt a thing
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    Bad day at office .cold or s**t gear

    The Screwfix ones seem to get a good write up
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    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019

    All the best to you and your staff
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    Need a nick name for business

    Andy g Dog Walking Services
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    s**t gear again

    I didn't even get a f***** reply