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  1. Danny

    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

  2. Danny

    Any difference/preference

    Hmmmm now who was talking about this last time @malc I think
  3. Danny

    Any goals

    not about money.... in fact most of mine are not about money...
  4. Danny


    nice repair andy :D
  5. Danny


    box rule
  6. Danny

    Dont want to be that guy but..

    stick about on here for a start :D Get your own tools... if you want something bad enough you will move heaven and earth to get it
  7. Danny

    Marked my Nela Mediflex

    wet and dry would be ok but an oil stone is like £2.50 and will do the trick better :D
  8. Danny

    Labourer looking for work (North West)

    best thing to do is get involved on here and people get to know you a bit more and work seems to flow :D
  9. Danny

    Marked my Nela Mediflex

    An oilstone I would say
  10. Danny

    Some GREAT work...

    most "plasterers" do :D
  11. Danny

    Best place for plaster price wise

    I do t see what the benefits trade point gave
  12. Danny

    Rivedil products

    Ah ok... sounds like Venetian would have been easier
  13. Danny

    Best place for plaster price wise

    quite possibly. I know my mate got caught having an affair when he used his clubcard to buy some fancy wine in the next village when he was meant to be away up north with work :D
  14. Danny

    Best place for plaster price wise

    I have also read with Wickes that they talk to HMRC so if you are doing work for your own house maybe worth considering if it is worth saving 10%
  15. Danny

    Hand on heart

    any job is as depressing as you make it
  16. Danny

    Beginners guide to Lime Plastering

    when teh forum gets busy threads get lost so I reply with some dribble to bump them back up so hopefully someone will see it and help you :D
  17. Danny

    Fixing diamond lath and roughcasting price?

    Prices are a sore subject and when the general public come on here and see that someone has skimmed a wall for £2 a meter they think their lounge should be priced like that etc.... so thats why pricing is kinder pushed away... however.... when you post enough you get to the private section and...
  18. Danny

    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

    google microcement and venetian plaster
  19. Danny

    Waterproof plaster for wetrooms

  20. Danny

    So what’s the problem here then

    dabbing over wallpaper.... the construction industry has gone mad
  21. Danny

    Machine renderers needed

    no need is there
  22. Danny

    Rivedil products

    looks good :D Venetian is actually quite tiring when you have to get a wiggle on :D
  23. Danny


    how does air flow cause a ceiling to come down? Condensation maybe??? but it would have to have been really wet for that to happen... pictures would really help here
  24. Danny


    Welcome along :D
  25. Danny

    Nice chap

    Hahaha Nah I would make them think I I had earned it that would make them more pissed off :D
  26. Danny

    Fireplace patch over

    looks alright that :D
  27. Danny

    Monday blues mug give away

    keep them coming :D
  28. Danny


    Welcome to the forum :D Stick around and you get out what you put in with this place :D
  29. Danny

    Looking for work

    Just tagged you in the other thread :D
  30. Danny


    Welcome :D
  31. Danny


  32. Danny

    Parex acquires Enewall

    When does the monopolies commission dive in :D
  33. Danny

    Plastering gang looking for price work london

    Welcome along :D The best way to get the most out of TPF is to get involved and when people start to get to know you then the work kinder follows :D The get out what you put in :D
  34. Danny

    Nice chap

    Yeah I am not sure I would even tell my family :D
  35. Danny

    Nice chap

    yeah I would be be off quicker than you can say bananas
  36. Danny

    Cove adhesive

    Thats the only one you need.... learn to scribe as well and you are a pro :D
  37. Danny

    Boxing in a steel

    I have knock timber noggins in with an overhang then screw up into that
  38. Danny


    stick them on ebay you will make your money back
  39. Danny

    Monday blues mug give away

    keep them coming :D I will see if Jane can make up some pint glasses over the weekend :D
  40. Danny

    Monday blues mug give away

    I use to make that for my lunch with some sweetcorn :D
  41. Danny

    Resin bound gravel

    looks great :D how much tea did they drink??
  42. Danny


    hahah :D
  43. Danny

    Plasterer Gang wanted North Manchester end of January

    plenty of plasterers on here up that way
  44. Danny

    repairing horsehair plaster wall

    I would be opening it up... looks like board to me that has probably cracked and someone has thrown tape over it and tried to hide it....
  45. Danny

    Plastic trowels

    Every trowel is different :D But you will get the hang of it
  46. Danny

    Beginners guide to Lime Plastering

    Welcome along :D
  47. Danny


    Welcome along :D
  48. Danny


    Welcome along :D
  49. Danny

    Nice chap