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  1. romek

    Wide spread Gales.

    I am 30 starting out on my own and working in North Devon. Went to college to get the knowledge. Met a lot of twats. Got all the gear and i'm working on the ideas... i have been labouring with agencies for years up and down country and been up to my neck in SHITE but never complained and yet...
  2. romek

    labourer improver looking for work

    hi i have reference on last 4 months work. i have been labouring for lidstones in north devon lime rendering. I can skim, render and obvs mix materials. i have own transport and tools. i am interested in work around north devon/west yorkshire/birmingham/london. Thanks
  3. romek

    still green... learning the trade

    i have been labouring 2 years and a plasterers labourer 4 months. I would like to carry on learning the trade. I live in north devon, but i am looking to move back to home town Birmingham or potentially london. Any work prospects out there? cheers.