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  1. Danny

    What’s on Gary Double DD

    one of my favourite albums
  2. Danny

    Summer work wear

    the bbc was the first tv station to do repeats :D
  3. Danny

    estuary fishing

    absolutely great for catching bass
  4. Danny

    Domestic idiots

    send me an email
  5. Danny

    Amir Khan

    I think he is sooooo overrated
  6. Danny

    What would you do here

    To be fair there was about an inch thick of render all round... and thenoriginal steel wss totalled
  7. Danny

    What would you do here

    Going to block itnup lkke the other steel was done
  8. Danny

    What would you do here

    I was going to render them back they were already rendered...
  9. Danny

    Lost my a count

    Send me an email If you had used a real email address when setting up then it would be an easier fix
  10. Danny

    What would you do here

    ok thanks. Pretty much confirmed what I thought. I will take that wood out and foam it then just render it. I don't like plastic trim
  11. Danny

    estuary fishing

    I got my kayak out today gave it a clean and fixed a few bits and bobs :D looking forward to getting out more this year
  12. Danny

    Fruit shoots

    oh dear
  13. Danny

    Lost my a count

    I have pmd you
  14. Danny

    What would you do here

    Rip it out or render over :)
  15. Danny

    What would you do here

    Inside has all been finished and lo8oks OK. Do you think I should pull it out
  16. Danny

    What would you do here

    This is on our offices and after a year from a builder who is meant to have done it all I have sacked him and need to do it myself.... yay That ply in there looks fooked to me and I think it needs to come out but not even sure why it is there...
  17. Danny

    PFT G4 Plastering Machine for sale

  18. Danny

    What tablet

    I need to find a tablet I can use as a phone.... that would be ideal for me
  19. Danny

    Happy Easter

    happy easter :D
  20. Danny


    any good?
  21. Danny

    K rend over painted rubbed up s&c

    @K Rend
  22. Danny

    Fruit shoots

    fruit shoots are soooo full of sugar and crap
  23. Danny


    I had a nela one for ages but I hit it with a hammer the other day and that was the end of that :-(
  24. Danny

    Summer work wear

    great film that
  25. Danny

    Hello all. Not a plaster but habe a question

    not heard of it either
  26. Danny

    Having a day at the race's

    hahaha I got hit by a nag at Newton abbot today... but i will get over it
  27. Danny

    Washing Machine

    get a s**t washing machine in the garage and put your clothes and sheets in that...
  28. Danny

    Crazed s&c render

    TPF can be overwhelming but the banter most of the time is harmless.
  29. Danny

    Asbestos ceilings

    the ceilings in our offices are asbestos... when the tme comes to get them out I will just pay a company
  30. Danny

    Steve Can You Sort This Out?

    I reckon your idea has legs
  31. Danny

    Crazy Boarding morning

    That makes my head hurt
  32. Danny

    You lot aint me only friends

    what are you doing there @Havagojo
  33. Danny

    Marshall town 14/5 v 18 s*p*r*lex

    thats all sorted then
  34. Danny

    Crazy Boarding morning

    Welcome to the forum :D
  35. Danny

    Summer work wear

    I do have a photo but dont wish that on anybody #facefortheradio
  36. Danny

    Marshall town 14/5 v 18 s*p*r*lex

    I get them bad when working on the car but I always just get the nail clippers out and chop them off :D
  37. Danny

    Crazy Boarding morning

    I was also told that but to be honest if you are joining two different materials together they will both expand and contract at different rates anyway
  38. Danny

    Green mould on fresh plaster

    absolutely :D I got a bit lost onm friday night and wandered down some cracking streets :D had a few beers in me then :D
  39. Danny

    Summer work wear

    I stripped to my boxers last year skimming a customers house :D it was severely hot (customer lived in france)
  40. Danny

    Is it Friday Yet?

    Is it me or has this week been the longest week ever?
  41. Danny

    Green mould on fresh plaster

    yeah I like the architecture of bedford as there are some stunning properties but to be honest i was out on the lash with a mate on friday there and with all the gangs roaming about and the obscene amounts of attitude walking about I am in no rush to head back.
  42. Danny

    Marshall town 14/5 v 18 s*p*r*lex

    Dont you just cut the calluses off every now and again?
  43. Danny

    Crazy Boarding morning

    that turned out ok
  44. Danny

    Troweltalkphhnwind lets talk straightedge

    to be honest @Havagojo I often wonder how these beg churches were built using no modern day tech and yet I would say built a lot better than anything built in this day and age. Look at some of the blockwork with about 2mm of mortar between them it is perfection
  45. Danny

    Green mould on fresh plaster

    yup I lived near newport pagnell and went to wootton for school :d Went to Bedford college as well :D so yup know it quite well :D
  46. Danny

    Just a quick skim it wont take you long only take you a hour

    love how everybody knows how long it takes... those people tend to be the ones you dont want to work for
  47. Danny

    New plasterboard meeting old ceiling

    its not even the dangerous stuff in artex from my understanding
  48. Danny

    Quotes welcome for external render refurb

    I think that would be the only option
  49. Danny

    Decorator said could you have a look!

  50. Danny


    probably the best one you have ever owned