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  1. algeeman

    Domestic idiots

    Can you explain how to get over this ??
  2. algeeman

    Fruit shoots

    Is that your fruit shoot @Vincey ??
  3. algeeman


    Is that my trowel @ChrispyUK ??
  4. algeeman

    Quiet night in

    With the wife @zombie xx
  5. algeeman

    Can't leave them alone for 2 mins

    Is this what you get up to @JessThePlasterer in bnq
  6. algeeman

    Getting old

    Slowed down this year. Skimmed just over 20400 metres so my bank statements told me. Happy tax returns lads :birra:
  7. algeeman

    Knauf brexit

    Anyone heard anything on this ?? Everyone panic buying BG materials because knauf have stop operating in UK ??
  8. algeeman

    Strange feeling

    One of our tackers hung himself last sat night. Found dead in his dad's garage by his dad. His funeral this Monday. Fella dabbing house said this was the last plot he done. Feels strange skimming it.
  9. algeeman

    Man u v Barca

    @owls mate you putting your horsey winnings on united lol
  10. algeeman

    Grand national

    Who you going for ?? I've absolutely no idea lol
  11. algeeman

    Information on forum guide.

    Some posts seem to go on forever ....big windy posts about fuuck knows what ..just spit it out. Most posts are easy to read.... U got life ??
  12. algeeman


    You busy @Vincey ??
  13. algeeman

    Extras and little favours.

    Got a phone call thursday can I leave plot next door and give someone else a hand for the day on another site. Tapers can't keep up and all plots sold. When did a full 4 bed house turn onto a little favour... Needs to be done for Monday. I'm gonna sit at my kitchen table tonight and get off my...
  14. algeeman

    Bonny Kazakhstan

    What happened boys lol
  15. algeeman

    Just been booted off site

    Site lads are miserable as fuuck.... Said to the bricky... "You got lab?" Scaffolder... "You alcohol ??" Painter... "Hope your house burns down with you in it" Site agent... "CUUNT" depressed now.
  16. algeeman


    Got camel toe ??
  17. algeeman

    Sick of your job??

    Thank god your not walking in this man's shoes.
  18. algeeman


    Theres seems to but uproar in the world over gender pay. Men get paid more because they work longer hours will travel further and have more danderous jobs etc. Woman have more time off (with pregancies raising children). @Andy g I have yet to hear @JessThePlasterer moan once about her working...
  19. algeeman


    Cuunts lol
  20. algeeman

    I better hurry

    What's this shite only 2 left ...and they turn up twisted. But I better hurry up only 2 left. When there's 500 bent trowels in stock :rayos:
  21. algeeman


    Try not to drink to much fall and break me neck :llorando:
  22. algeeman


    You scousers getting bummed hard today.... COME ON UNITED :numberone:
  23. algeeman


    Why do half of you lot keep posting up shiit about vans what you earn and how great you all are. Typical spreads. I've got the happiest life in the world with my family. You cuunts seem to think showing off to strangers is good. I teach kids the opposite. Wankers who ain't getting laid. :birra:
  24. algeeman

    Shat in van shaking 2

    Gonna hurt tomorrow .... But you won't see me shiitting in the van and shaking.
  25. algeeman

    Stair winders

    I've got joiners fitting new stair case for top floor soon. What and where do you domestic lads get your floor protection from ?? Can't get bond skim on new carpets or IL be homeless xx
  26. algeeman

    Hay fever

    Yep it's that time of year again Rubbing eyes Running nose Sneezing I've got the gayfever.
  27. algeeman

    Room 34

    Fair play to ya This morning went to say goodbye to my brother . Ordered 5 breakfasts and 8 peroni's On who ever is in room 34. Top man who ever you are :birra:
  28. algeeman

    I can't remember

    What I was gonna post lol
  29. algeeman

    Happy valentine's pete

    We all fuucking love you @Vincey XXXXXXXXXX :love::whistle::love::whistle::love::whistle: Gis a selfie mate we can all crack one out this evening xx
  30. algeeman

    Kids days out

    Taking my amazing 11 year old daughter to watch her first footy match this weekend. I'm more excited than her. COME ON YOU HATTERS lol. Any you dads get more excited than the kids ???
  31. algeeman

    Roofing industry

    Anyone had a re roof on their home ??
  32. algeeman

    Good morning

    More bot bots :sleep:
  33. algeeman

    Down under

    I seen a few of you lads are thinking of retirement..... @Wezly and @Rigsby have you ever thought of trying it out in Australia ?? I'm sure you'd clean up out there with your skill sets.
  34. algeeman


    She's adding up my gambling transactions... So I was thinking what star out of 5 would you give yourself for plastering ?? Because you all think your god's gift when your all full of shiit. I give myself 2 star because I think plastering is a poofters game. I'd give myself another 1 star for...
  35. algeeman

    50/50 split

    Anyone work near a bank. Il Rob the fuucker and jump on the trowel with you and you say I've been with you all day. Plastering is shite.
  36. algeeman


    I'm gonna smash more mtres than you lot And earn more
  37. algeeman

    Still hungry

  38. algeeman


    There's a fairly big building gone up opposite the site I'm on. Think it's a care home. Can't be far off plastering stage if anyone's interested I'll pop over and get the contact number. Sites just outside Preston.
  39. algeeman

    The master

    @theclemo I can't sleep :crying: Little fella won't settle. I can't remember how to sleep. Help me mate your the god of sleep xx Is it too early for Stella :numberone::)
  40. algeeman

    Pared 2

    Feeding Baba Ya wankers loo
  41. algeeman

    Makes me cringe

    On how much @Stevieo loves @lurpak ?? What the fuuck is going on between you 2 ?? I don't think I love my family the way Steve loves lurp.
  42. algeeman


    Gonna start a little business before @BritishGypsum get involved. Anyone want to try clemmeth ?? @theclemo has sold out of the clemrope. Message Danny for prices xx
  43. algeeman


    When she pours a glass of wine I get a hard on lol Is this normal ??
  44. algeeman

    3 million new houses.

    I'm gonna need a bigger trowel.
  45. algeeman

    Jealous husband's

    As if I have the time ..... Unless it's you @Vincey xx
  46. algeeman


    I'm on fuucking fire folks Spewed up a bottle of jin this morning 4 pints of Guinness later I'm looking forward to the party at mines. Hello everyone I feel new again xx
  47. algeeman

    I plastered a house once

    Never again
  48. algeeman

    Happy Xmas

    To all the boys and @JessThePlasterer It's been a great time on here 2018 Spoil your loved ones and keep safe xx Look forward to 2019 for another year of shite lol Happy Xmas everyone xx
  49. algeeman

    A quick guide

    Not only can you hang yourself but you can also hang your mates. f**k**g genius @theclemo
  50. algeeman

    Lazy fuuckers

    @zombie @JessThePlasterer @lurpak @theclemo I'll be round for ya at 5 am. Useless cuunts.