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    Cant believe i.m posting in here but caught a monster today

    Wot u lot talking about u bunch of carrot crunchers.
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    I think pound for pound the ss tyzack 13inch trowel is a great bit of kit. I got one out of bnq.years ago used it for messing about .bonding ECT. Then cleaned it up one day it was a great finish trowel till I dropped it and broke the handle . Only 28quid. Good for newbie or diyer.
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    They recon this skunk s**t is 10 times stronger than 60s weed. I had a lab that went in the nut house twice. He blew the microwave up then attack Ed the firemen thought they were aliains .
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    Door arch

    Yuk you'll regret it. Charge 2days money.
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    cracks after 2 months

    It sounds like you are in the s**t it's gone cost more to put it right . And the mess. If it was me I'd ask him if you refund his money could he live with it . Then move on mate. F. Ck the rendering.
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    cracks after 2 months

    Timber moves. The same as plasterboard over joists and scim doesn't matter how much scrim or mesh u use timber expands ect. And u get a crack it's movement. It happens.same as solid walls any movement and render cracks above windows and doors mesh or eml won't spot it .
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    Absolutely excited

    Great news
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    No. or the ones who take 2beds in the sun and 2 in the shade
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    U don't say.
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    Just got back from holiday Costa del crime . some shithead stole my bumbag out of the beach bag by the pool while we had lunch.
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Where's that beach
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Very funny jonn j . It's hot in marbs.
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    Thistle Pure Finish

    Wot colour is pure finish.
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    Hairline cracks on new rendering

    Give it two coats on one area c wot it looks like.
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    Oldest house basher on site

    And a small cock .oops. :LOL:
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    Plastering wages fall by 2.5%

    How far u gotta travel to these sites
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    Lime skim on listed building

    I did some a wile back used sand lime and animal hair for backing coat . And white one coat plaster from wicks . Told them it was lime putty mix .I decanterd it in to black builders bags before I started job .
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    Monocouche or Lime?

    Wots parexall
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    If a company goes to a domestic job and prices ajob one of their men two days 700 hundred. That's fine. If a one man band prices 650 hundred. You'd be a robbing b*****d. You can't win . Customers allways divide the whole price into how many days your their.
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    Wot time do u lot actually start putting shite on .first set.. who else is working today. Is just me
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    Hi ...who's going to the shop??

    I've got hangover. my kids 21st last night .loads of Guinness.
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    Non payment for landscaping/gardening work done

    Surprised old bill didn't Nick them . If it had been a car they wouldn't let u smash it up or take it back for non payment.
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    Customer houses with pets

    Cat puked on my stairs sheet today . customer said it had thiroid problem. If she wasn't in it would have had a effing teeth problem.
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    Customer houses with pets

    Marbella. Nice flight back as well 11am. And we not sitting together.
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    Customer houses with pets

    I've got 6am flight too . Where you going jhon j .
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    Oldest house basher on site

    How old r u gobo. Every now and then I would get a job with a builder full time.but couldn't handle all the bitching u get on firms ect. And the way they'd tel u jobs gotta b done in a week and your on day rate. Mind u it was great for getting materials .
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    Tell me about it. My backs killing me .don't know if I can work today.
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    Plug sockets etc

    I once got calk.all down a customers suit that was hanging on back of the door that I just pushed to the wall and sheeted up. My mate found it when I went out. I came back and he's scrubbing it in the kitchen sink . Then hung it in the sun to dry . Never heard a thing about it .
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    Hardwall vs dot and dab

    As del boy once said.a little dab a do ya. Xx
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    Man cave

    Man cave
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    Plug sockets etc

    Did u say trans forums.and doging bags.:ROFLMAO:
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    Eco rend.

    Any one used tarmac one coat render.
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    Blood pressure.

    I Don't know wot it all means.
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    Blood pressure.

    Lurpaks blood pressure is spot on. Why have you got a monitor . U hypochondriac
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    Worked with a big paddy who used a 18" hawk made out of 18mm ply.lots on the floor.
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    Blood pressure.

    :(:ROFLMAO: To be fair my brothers doctor did use his finger .he said the prostate wasn't as smooth as it should be. But maybe it's just quicker than waiting for blood tests. If you're worried about docs digit u could get wife to ring docs to find out . Ya big babys
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    Blood pressure.

    Yes honestly it's all done with a blood test only. My mate went to docs about his leg .thay test him cos of his age find his got cancer take his prostate out couple of weeks later. Robotic . He's all good. Cancer can't come back.
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    Blood pressure.

    Yeah like you've not had loads up there
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    Blood pressure.

    No fingers required now
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    Blood pressure.

    Did u sort it out
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    Blood pressure.

    Wot is your blood pressure. Had mine checked recently as they did blood test to check my prostate . Mine was 115 over 77 nurse said it was good. Came back all clear on prostate . My brother had his removed recently by a robotic machine .all good. not sure if he's shaging yet . My father died of...
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    Man cave

    Who's alf
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    Man cave

    Anyone got one.
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    Do u think plasterers r fit enough without the gym. I started a hall stairs and landing yesterday and all that climbing about .today I feel every muscle is sore ist that enough exercise.
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    K rend

    6 mm ish
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    Asbestos ceilings

    Did one couple of weeks back empty house. Client said cover it up as there selling it . Used cls 3x2 . suspended. It was standard height but. It was cheaper for them than getting the specialists in .
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    Crazed s&c render

    I agree it's suction problem going off to quick. Anyway. U know me . Wot about putting a thinned out coat of water proof pva on it (know runs) then paint it I only use plilite oil based masonary. U put small bottle of white spirit in 1 gallon to thin out. Two coats. Did one two roads...
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    Got my dab radio today delivered from Aldi. 30 quid.
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    Crazed s&c render

    I would offer to paint it for them. put plenty on . Gonna be cheaper than hacking it off .if it's only hairline cracks it should cover it.