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  1. ChrispyUK

    Old legend

  2. ChrispyUK

    Old legend

    I’ve forgotten what we was on about, but fair play if you make some money! :D
  3. ChrispyUK

    Old legend

    £2 grand mate.
  4. ChrispyUK

    Old legend

    Can’t beat the old sage. Met a few, and generally still got good health, and patience. Would kick the ass of a lot of younger guys.
  5. ChrispyUK

    Old legend

    I know a few people who have succumbed to retirement. Bought the comfy chair, box of chocs on the table and then had a heart attack...wanking off to Rachel Riley!
  6. ChrispyUK

    How soon to skim dot and dab?

    The truth or something beautiful?!
  7. ChrispyUK

    How soon to skim dot and dab?

    Walk to the shop in the rain time. Gotta get stocked up.
  8. ChrispyUK

    How soon to skim dot and dab?

    Definitely Friday x
  9. ChrispyUK

    Good morning from Poole

  10. ChrispyUK

    How soon to skim dot and dab?

    Vegan sausage rolls! Virtue signaler:D
  11. ChrispyUK

    Council charging for waste now!

    Biggish job needs a skip. £250 on quote straight away. Too much f**k**g about and lost time without one.
  12. ChrispyUK

    no dirty trowels for me

    If you zoom in, you can see a bit of sweet corn!
  13. ChrispyUK


    I’ve got a van.
  14. ChrispyUK

    renderer wanted full time

    Have you told your missus?
  15. ChrispyUK

    Video upload

    And in my next video, I show you how to make the curtains, and then we begin carving the head of Mr Punch.
  16. ChrispyUK

    Just popping in to say hello

    It’s addictive :LOL:
  17. ChrispyUK

    Tapping bond not drying!!

    Get a roofer, plumber, heater, dehumidifier in.(try each in turn till sorted)
  18. ChrispyUK

    Crack Stitching Kits - Helifix vs Permagard ?

    I’ve got a few repairs to do on my new house, and was going to buy the Permagard kit.
  19. ChrispyUK

    TPF big weekend part 2

    Unfussy! :ROFLMAO:
  20. ChrispyUK

    One I did earlier

    How’s the counselling going? :D
  21. ChrispyUK

    How much does a plasterer cost a day

    I’ve got other interests that need time to fulfill with travelling etc. I’m lucky I can just take time off. I’m not rich, but at the mo, can just say ‘fook it’.
  22. ChrispyUK

    Best Plastering Videos

    Yep, watched it a few times. Hope the students appreciate their bloke.
  23. ChrispyUK

    Best Plastering Videos

    Glad you found it useful.
  24. ChrispyUK

    New member

    Big or fat? Welcome
  25. ChrispyUK

    How much does a plasterer cost a day

    I’m a bit in limbo at mo as work plans got all f**k*d up due to a mate getting injured. Will survive and tbf, will enjoy not having to get up at 5am for a bit.
  26. ChrispyUK

    How much does a plasterer cost a day

    True, but love the freedom of being my own boss. Been self employed for years now, would struggle to be other wise.
  27. ChrispyUK

    New to plastering, looking for work.

    It’ll come back around Norm.
  28. ChrispyUK

    Materials mark up

    Most of the time I do.
  29. ChrispyUK

    Patching Large Round Holes

    What you do Norm is cut a bit of board to fit, get a bit of 2x1 and some screws...
  30. ChrispyUK

    How The Fcuk

    Dunno. It’s a lamb dish. Fooked!!!
  31. ChrispyUK

    How The Fcuk

    Lamb hydrabadi and a boat load of faff. Fooked!!!!!!
  32. ChrispyUK

    How The Fcuk