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    Boardfinish everything
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    Chippy vs customer

    Who put the bit of scrim if it was ready to go hahahahahha
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    Oh roger.

    Yeehaa cowboys
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    Site monkeys/Skimmers vs "proper plasterers"

    How long ago did you do this?
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    Site monkeys/Skimmers vs "proper plasterers"

    Well I think you are going to be my inspiration for next year on how not to work it's worn me out reading should break your back for nobody because they ain't Guna do it for you especially for £200 a day
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    Site monkeys/Skimmers vs "proper plasterers"

    So 170m between 4 of you is 42.5 m each some lads get that on in a batch and it took 4 of you 7-5 and needed the next day has this got 4 pages and why did I read them all I could of had more m on the walls
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    Settle this

    1 batch jobs a Yorkshire
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    Kids homework

    £39 left as he bought it out of his cash stash if he had and sence
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    Work pics

    Little render job I done for a lad was abit of beading
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    condesation prob in bathroom

    Mould killer or bleach.board and skim jobs a Yorkshire
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    Under the Srairs

    Or 6mm ply sand and paint
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    Under the Srairs

    Think I would hard board that and paint it not see the difference with screwheads and joins filled
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    Bran Spankers

    I've a 58 transit new to me.not botherd van don't do the graft and rather have the cash in me arse pocket than pay lease etc
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    You get paid when its painted

    Go paint it yourself and bill them for that to.THE CHEEKY BASTURDS
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    Top tips

    Claw hammer to take off,do agree to PVA the bonding coat and for me the full wall would of got skimmed
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    speedskim scratches

    Little sharpening stone works a treat
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    Plastering check

    What's up is they have gave a price come in blasted it he's thinking how much...they were only here until 2 and thinks its going to be sh.t
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    Plastering check

    Feels flat and a phone screen perhaps
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    Open fire render?

    Tell them its going to be extra as quoted as fire was not getting used or they can take risk of just s&c as long as they are told.if they don't like it fook em life to short to be getting messed about
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    There the 1s choppa.I no they ain't the refinas but still fit 3 bags and cheaper thats what he's after
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    Sell buckets in wickes £10 and can get 3 bags in no bother
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    Longest period away from plastering?

    Was out about a year few year back come back in to it no bother really took couple weeks to get the way I worked back but on the hole it was like a duck to water you be fine pal
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    6 lads built this house and same next door.

    Why? they can't plaster ha
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    Darby handles??
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    Tender for a job. Those who price of plan!

    If you not to sure the knobs at jewsons do a pricing service (in house QS) about £70,free if you are buying materials off them all you do is tell them the rates you charge hour/metre/day whatever and they should work out for you
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    where to find current m2 rates?

    Jewsons do a price servicd.think about £70 or free if you use them for the materials
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    Tin walls

    What you need is a GYPSUM WELDER any decent hire merchant should have one
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    Celling light centre

    Best thing to do here if your not sure get a sparky in simple:tonto:
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    Am I being paranoid?

    To many greedy middle men fook the job
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    Am I being paranoid?

    Can you not find out the house owners number speak to them and bill direct
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    Tapers and jointers needed Middlesbrough

    Also nights and weekends available Cheers
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    Tapers and jointers needed Middlesbrough

    Gang needed to push a job on.To start NOW anyone interested give me a ring on 07881 374 332 will explain details better cheers
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    G-tec adhesive

    Yes mate its s**t had three separate jobs pop off on us early this year last time we will use it
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    Best 2 coat system for jointing

    Cheers for the replys used promix in past as don't do it that often was wondering if there was a dedicated 2 coat way
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    Best 2 coat system for jointing

    Tape and jointing/filling
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    Best 2 coat system for jointing

    As above your thoughts please
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    Work boots?

    Yeah mucky they are walking boots unreal mate like slippers and don't fall apart
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    Work boots?

    You need a pair of brashers mate pricey but believe me worth every penny
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    Metal stud idea

    Would'nt bother setting my alarm for that TITchy
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    Metal stud idea

    Evening people can any one give me an idea of price on average per m2 and lin metre for metal stud cheers up north if make a diff