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  1. Danny

    Mardy Customer

    never be ashamed to make a profit....
  2. Danny

    Ki7 or ms20

  3. Danny

    Multi Finish over Artex .

    I have spent years skimming artex ceilings... quite like it to be honest :D I use to bond them out first but now just 3 coat them with the zombie mix in the first coat :D yes 3 coats... bla bla bla.... I got paid plenty to justify the perfection
  4. Danny

    Multi Finish over Artex .

    Hack the blister off then patch it... If it is deep then use bonding or hardwall (i use bonding far too often) then go over with multifinish... or... Use easi fil and and fill it up a bit proud then send it back to get it flat... (you will probably need easi fil anyway for the rest of the wall :D
  5. Danny

    Mould on plasterboard.

    If it was me I would skip them.... Just because there would be no doubts then
  6. Danny

    Magnetic plaster

  7. Danny

    The handy jobs ,mm

    most the scaffolders round here stick tin hats on... mind you a lot of the builds round here the tin roof is better than the roof they are working on :D
  8. Danny

    Anyone using these trowels?

    Never heard of Level 5 before.... Be interested to hold one in my hand as a picture is great but not like feeling how balanced it is
  9. Danny

    Best practice (drying method )

    When sticking it on I like all the heating off and then when it is on get the heating back on... When drying it all out I like to use dehumidifiers and crack the window open... Its only skim so not rocket science :D
  10. Danny

    New to the trade

    Welcome to TPF :D @Vincey is TPFs answer to Gok Wan :D
  11. Danny

    Terrible Rendering competition

    so much wrong with that....
  12. Danny

    Skimming over smooth render

    glad TPF helped :D
  13. Danny

    Screed pump wanted

    @Plasterers1StopShop :D
  14. Danny

    One of those days.

    I think they have a left handed thread so they cant unscrew :)
  15. Danny

    K rend

    I really dont like render... You cant beat brick or stone... I have yet to see a property that has been rendered look as good as the day it was applied especially down here near the sea...
  16. Danny


  17. Danny


    yup it is noisy up in the office tonight... got 4 massive velux windows and it sounds like I have a load of drummers smacking the windows
  18. Danny


    you are only round teh corner from me.... we are getting hit hard
  19. Danny


    yup it is savage here as well
  20. Danny

    Something different.

    Love a challenge like that :D
  21. Danny

    Take the hit ?

    I also agree with that as well :D hmmmmm
  22. Danny

    Take the hit ?

    bang on the money there andy... agree with that... I dont do day rate it is a per visit rate:D
  23. Danny

    G.A.Y P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    Always say I will be impartial and give an honest review :-)
  24. Danny

    2019 Plastering year

    I have done a bit this year :D Next year I plan on doing a little bit more :D
  25. Danny

    Work wear

    my dewalt trouser are th best pair of work trousers I have ever owned and they have lasted 18 months of abuse and I mean proper abuse!!! Welding, grinding, covered in oil and all sorts of other chemicals and the knee pads are a feature I never thought I would miss... Then it is wife beater and...
  26. Danny

    G.A.Y P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    The only plastic trowels I have ever hated was the sanz one that @Plasterers1StopShop did and then their clear plastic nela one.... every other one has had good things. The original foam backed plastic trowel was ace but the quality went as the years wore on and then the blades became very very...
  27. Danny


    I often have to wait 120 days before the invoice goes to accounts then it is paid the next month... that creates all sorts of cashflow issues
  28. Danny

    help needed

    lets get some dates thrown about and I will see what I can do... not exactly near for me but if we all help a little where we can and it makes the lives easier for teh future generations what can be bad?
  29. Danny duro

  30. Danny

    G.A.Y P.L.A.Z.I.F.L.E.X!!!

    should have bought teh nelamax... it pisses over the vagina one
  31. Danny

    Long Term WorkTall Height Enhancing Safety Boots Review

    I dont think I had any issues... work off a spot normally so everything is on there... Maybe I can bend further
  32. Danny

    Long Term WorkTall Height Enhancing Safety Boots Review

    ironically I used a crate to sit on :D
  33. Danny

    Just joined

    Welcome along :D
  34. Danny

    Long Term WorkTall Height Enhancing Safety Boots Review

    Glad you like them as well :D
  35. Danny

    Two bags up on the shoulder...

    Haha you old man I was 83
  36. Danny

    Sutton Plasterers

    Absolutely :-) I know someone who lives in a garage of a property. People think he is the caretaker and is poor... he owns the property but let's his brothers family live in the main house :-)
  37. Danny

    Sutton Plasterers

    :-) it's an x3 and it is going great thanks :-)
  38. Danny

    Sutton Plasterers

    one thing for sure now is that you cant judge anybody by where they live or what they drive!!!
  39. Danny

    Who used to use one

    I have actually used one recently :D No electric in my garage for sometime and needed to drill a hole... took a bit longer than I hoped :-|
  40. Danny

    Black Friday.

    I have a list of stuff I am after but doubt it will get discounted
  41. Danny

    Bonding coat

    You can skim it in 60
  42. Danny

    Hello to everyone but also need advice

    get some pics up, that hellps us a lot Welcome along by the way
  43. Danny

    Wednesday is the new Saturday

    I use to work weekends and take a couple of days off in the week... I also stopped riding my motorcycle at weekends as the old bill would be sitting waiting where in the week they were never about :D My days off now from maddy and generally escaping life is thursday and friday :D I then spend...
  44. Danny

    Two bags up on the shoulder...

    I use to do dumb stuff like that.... running up scaffold and carrying loads... I dont now and being over 6ft tall I have used my back like a crane (something the likes of shart arses like @essexandy could only dream of being able to do) I rather walk a bit further a few times than give myself...
  45. Danny

    External insulation butting into stone wall

    Now that is smart :D I have no idea though... someone will be along that can help :D
  46. Danny

    Asbestos concern - not in the trade

    looks like plasterboard to me but the pictures are not great.... if you are worried have a look at this.... That may be a help
  47. Danny

    Sutton Plasterers

    Yes sutton coldfield
  48. Danny

    Sutton Plasterers

    Any of you guys work near sutton (I have already spoken to Lodon)
  49. Danny


    Welcome along @Wayney