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  1. Ritch

    New member, new method

    Lol , help and teach with 7 years, I’ve got pointing trowels done more metres then u, u fecking doughnut
  2. Ritch

    How would you advise on this render

    There from Torquay I think
  3. Ritch

    How would you advise on this render

    McCarthy’s firm did them by the way, think Torquay way lol
  4. Ritch

    How would you advise on this render

    This is the best one on my estate not a barett this was bovis one lol
  5. Ritch

    How would you advise on this render

    Could be the block work was soaking wet when applied. Its sucking more on the mortar joints hence the block work affect, or to thin, I’ll live in Barett home and see loads of this on my estate it’s shocking, can’t beat good old sand and cement done properly
  6. Ritch

    New gadget

  7. Ritch

    New gadget

    One for the stilt haters, pretty cool tho
  8. Ritch

    shes a wee beauty

    Do u use a flex for mesh/base as well ?
  9. Ritch

    Yankee here. Need some advice

    If it’s lime putty it should be nice and creamy, nhl on the other hand can be the deadest/shitest gear to use horrible stuff
  10. Ritch

    Wrinkled finish?

    I feel sorry for that dog having to live in your crack den
  11. Ritch


    Go in at a £1000 per sqaure metre leaves a bit of room for bartering
  12. Ritch

    Terrible skimming competition

    Good key for the paint
  13. Ritch

    Coving advice

    I worked with a old boi this week giving him a hand on some lime render, quality chap, and turned out he was a master mason, some of the stuff he showed me on his phone was incredible, he had this hand carved grave stone he done for someone a massive set of angel wings amazing stuff, plus he’d...
  14. Ritch

    Coving advice

    Metal profile, triangular, lol ain’t seen one of them since my apprentice days. The old c**t who use to teach me had a scabby old one back then.i reckon u might see one on the antique roadshow
  15. Ritch

    The big one’s coming

    Bullshit , all u got is some duck tape with holes in it u tosser
  16. Ritch

    Tape and joint price

    There’s a jointers forum bud they’d be more helpful on prices etc try them
  17. Ritch

    A plasterer’s life poem

    Your not old school when your hash tagging skimming buddies lol
  18. Ritch

    Lighting is there any mercy!?

    Easy, do what @lurpak does and skim in the dark
  19. Ritch

    Thinking of selling mixer

    Can u take a pic of it please bud
  20. Ritch

    Only small job

    Nice and crisp pal.
  21. Ritch

    Thinking of selling mixer

    if it was the old version I would of snapped your hand off bud.
  22. Ritch

    EWI Work

    @lurpak hes got the midlands wrapped up , give him a shout
  23. Ritch

    Devon m2 rates ??

    New build, small one off Devoplments at normal height £7 a square minimum
  24. Ritch

    Devon m2 rates ??

    If your from the north east your be mortgage free once u finish that plot on our rates
  25. Ritch

    Ritmo L for sale

    Looks , well looked after bud. How much for all that brand new ?
  26. Ritch


    I’d imagine u would actually look like that u ruff cunnt chancer
  27. Ritch


    Go chump on another pasty fat boy and pipe down
  28. Ritch

    Sub contracting

    No mat No mate just didn’t like his downs post . pissed me off
  29. Ritch

    Sub contracting

    If you piss a grand a week y do u live in a crack den jar head
  30. Ritch


    Hiya lurspak
  31. Ritch


    U sound like a dick, y would u prefer skimming over old shite to fresh board u weirdo
  32. Ritch


    Just whack it on lol. U clearly don’t know what decorating is. More to it the whacking it on jar head
  33. Ritch


    We know that u put pics up of the shite u turn out
  34. Ritch


    Who cares what u do, u fuckingg sqauddy chancer
  35. Ritch

    Who supplys

    Just go there and one bang the fat cuntt jump in your car and be gone
  36. Ritch

    Who supplys

    Just be there so u can give him a beat down
  37. Ritch

    Who supplys

    I Come on Steve, we all know your a bell end (a lonely one) but that’s below the belt, u fuckking tosser
  38. Ritch

    Exact mixed amount !

    Tight and tidy, plus I rarely supply unless it’s domestic
  39. Ritch

    Exact mixed amount !

    I always mix not enough then make it enough lol
  40. Ritch

    Not seen one of these in a while

    That drill there is the nuts, the old ones even hold there money if your lucky enough to find one now
  41. Ritch

    Breathing in shite!!!

    U sniff the devils dandruff so what’s a bit of gypsum gonna do to u lol
  42. Ritch

    Free ruling vs screeds

    Defo no contest
  43. Ritch

    Free ruling vs screeds

    Spot on mate.same round my way, every plasterer down here thinks there s**t hot but everyone else is shite lol.self praise is no praise. Only as good as your last job, and only as good as your worst spread on your it’s wet trade so no such thing as perfect in this trade
  44. Ritch

    Good fight

    Smashed him up with his shoulder , quality . They said he was toast but he knew he was the bread lol
  45. Ritch

    Friday ££ notes

    Freddie’s on the trowel lol
  46. Ritch

    anyone fancy this?

    It will need dg27 , lime wall mesh finish, and coated up in vp, I could do it but way to far for me pal, barely like travling 20mins from my house.cheers for the thought tho
  47. Ritch

    Plasterers mobile workstation

    Is that your plasterers Zimmer frame, chancer