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    Ok this afternoon I had a very (1:18) long phone call with a guy from BG. I felt that it was a very good two sided conversation with someone that both understands our trade and wants to help get Multifinish to a point where I'm (we're) happy with it. I'm not going to go into all the ins and outs...
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    Straight from the box.

    @Vincey Picked up a brand new Permashape on the way to work this morning. Open box, mix gear and then use new trowel from start to finish on a ceiling.
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    Calm down @Marshy So how many, if any, of you are using the Marshalltown Flappers instead of a wide brush?
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    Website updated

    Ok you bunch we've finally had our website updated and live. My son has put loads of time and effort it getting everything together. Let me know what you think or any mistakes you spot. I'm well prepared for all the piss taking so don't hold back.
  5. essexandy

    Paper in multi?

    We're about fifteen bags into our current pallet of multi and every one has had little bits of paper mixed in it. A right pain in the balls. Has anyone else been finding any? Be interesting to know before I give BG a call.
  6. essexandy

    A little moan about Knauf

    We have a job coming up in a couple months where the client is interested in us using MP Finish, so I give Knauf a call asking about getting a couple of sample bags. 'No problem' they say, I then speak to my area rep who also says he'll sort it. The weeks go by and not a word from Knauf, the...
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    Ritmo amps

    We sprayed some Monorex EHI GF yesterday and the Ritmo was running at over 7amps and cut out a couple of times. We put this down to having the gear to stiff so adjusted the water to the point I wouldn't have wanted the gear any wetter but we were still getting a reading over 5.5amps. Is this...
  8. essexandy

    First go at EWI

    As above on my own place, I'd never do something for the first time on a paying customers house. So far just boarded and mesh/basecoated but thought I'd stick a few pics up so that perhaps the more experienced guys could point out any mistakes or improvements we could make in the future...
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    Well as some of you may know our young Ritmo was taken away from us due to being neglected and has been with a foster parent called Stu for some time. On Friday I was allowed a short supervised meeting with our little baby and we have agreed to attend a refresher parenting course on Wednesday...
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    Hot knife

    OK lads I'll strike a deal with you, if you tell me your prefered hand held hot cutter for 90mm graphite EPS I'll say where I get my sponges from.
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    Ox trowels

    Well I bought a couple of Ox trowels. A one stainless by mistake and then the carbon steel one as I'd meant to buy in the first place. I spent no more than two minutes with an oilstone on each and then set about using them. The stainless one was used for a hit from start to finish and it worked...
  12. essexandy

    BG Spray Finish

    Well we've got good terms with Travis but just been quoted £6.28 a bag with a SEVENTEEN day lead time. That'll be the last time I enquire about the product. This is the product that persuaded me to buy the Ritmo after all the spiel from BG. @Runswithscissors maybe time to have a look at your...
  13. essexandy

    Thickest screed

    Just done a screed, only 36m2 but started at 65mm. Within a metre and a half of the starting point it was up to 100mm and by the time I got across the other side of the room it was up to 180mm. Jesus Christ 180mm and over underfloor heating, they'll need to put the heating on in the spring for...
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    Knauf board

    Any of you lads work on Knauf board regularly? We've just a bungalow completely tacked using Knauf board instead of the usual BG gear. The setting went exceptionally well with a lovely even suction. Didn't use a drop of water to trowel up right through the place. Three easy trowels and walls and...
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    Who's on?

    @Danny the list of members has disappeared from the bottom of the page, is this how it'll be from now on or have I fecked up a setting?
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    Monogris E

    Has anyone rubbed this gear up? Parex say it can be but then manufacturers say lots of things don't they.
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    Spraying Hardwall

    We're going to be spraying Hardwall the week after next for the first time, does anyone have any tips i.e. water settings, which inlet to use? Oh and how often would you give the machine a thorough clean out during the days work?
  18. essexandy

    Multi through a Ritmo

    Right we all know that we're not supposed to use Multi-finish through a Ritmo but how many of you guys have done so and were there any issues? Would you hesitate to use it again?
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    A good day at the office

    Today we sprayed the top coat on the job where we had our "bad day at the office". What a different day this was. Not a big area by any means but we turned up just before eight and had it sprayed on and ruled by nine thirty without any problems.:RpS_cool: Not overly impressed with the Parmurex...
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    First time.

    Did a little bit of pattern and band work yesterday using Parex Monorex for the first time. It worked really well, anybody else used this for said purpose? 231.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket 211.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket 206.jpg photo by andychapmam | Photobucket
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    Bad day at the office

    Oh dear, after a good start with the Ritmo last week we or that should say I managed to feck it right up today and the day was finished off by bad luck. All started ok and for the first half a m2 all seemed good and then suddenly we were just spraying pissy wet gear. Anyway quick call (very...
  22. essexandy

    Just like to announce

    that I no longer have a lovely gleaming Ritmo in the unit.
  23. essexandy

    Ritmo speed?

    I know that the PFT blurb says that a Ritmo can spray up to 13ltrs. per minute, but what is a realistic expectation when spraying CPI mortar?
  24. essexandy

    The day draws near

    Well hopefully tomorrow we should get confirmation of two small chalets to do in Hardwall, so the Ritmo will get it's first outing. So this is just a warning that in about three weeks time I'll probably be pestering the life out of Stuart, Les and any/all you machine lads on here.
  25. essexandy

    Fecking mental

    Last outside job we did was in January. It's the longest I've ever gone with out doing some rendering and now the winters on it's way we've had one to price up in Hertfordshire, a local one today and another in Suffolk tomorrow. Why do these people wait until the winters coming before deciding...
  26. essexandy

    Paddle opinion

    A couple of weeks back we bought an Alfra Eibenstock 1800w mixer. Well the problem I've got is that it was supplied with a positive paddle which I didn't notice when purchasing. We've only been using it for five days to mix board adhesive and it's bloody useless. Even with the soft start it...
  27. essexandy

    Up the smoke

    Well after thirty years of avoiding a single days work in London tomorrow is my first. A day in sunny Islington yipee. That's what comes from giving my son an equal say in what we do workwise.
  28. essexandy

    The new Northern Section

    ​An area where us Southerners can be educated in the ways of the Norf
  29. essexandy

    New website

    OK boys our new website has gone live so any opinions positive or otherwise would be appreciated, I'm sure we will have missed something. High Quality Plastering and Rendering in Chelmsford, Essex
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    Door Linings

    As they have been mentioned in a different thread I thought I'd ask some questions. Most of the off shelf door linings for block walls seem to be 132-135mm (51/4in. in old money), these are the traditional size going right back to the days of render, float and set and allow between 10-13mm...
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    I've left the rendering and been tacking today as the temp. didn't get above 1.5 degrees outside, not that it was any warmer inside. I've lost count how many times the client has asked "can't you render in this?". So just out of interest at what temp. do you stop wet plastering and is there a...
  32. essexandy

    Made me laugh

    Started my first render job after starting back this week, a nice S&C job on a new build chalet. Anyway first coating an elevation yesterday that is sixteen metres long and I'm telling my son how it should have expansion joints in it but that there haven't been any built in when the guy building...
  33. essexandy


    That's how I feel tonight after doing my first screeding for three years. Only did the one room mind, unfortunately it was 66m2.
  34. essexandy


    OK while us newbies to machines are asking about suitable materials I see that BGs Toughcoat is sprayable. Now I've never used this either with or without a machine, so what's it like to use? Obviously all answers from simply and gibbo will be scrutinised more than the others.
  35. essexandy

    Full scaffold

    Did a ceiling this week with a full birds nest scaffold, it's the first time I've had a full scaffold for years and I'd forgotten just how nice it is. The room was 11.4m long and it was really nice being able to walk right through when trowelling up. How many of you bother to put up full...
  36. essexandy

    Got it

    Well my son and I went up to Lord & Downing to collect our Ritmo and have a days tuition from Stu (southernmonkey) yesterday, we had a good day with Stu and hopefully he has set us of on the right path. I have also witnessed the grand master that is Les talking to someone on the phone who, I...
  37. essexandy

    jammed solid

    I know there have been threads on here about collated screw guns in the past but have any of you guys had trouble with the Makita 6843 screw gun jamming up? Today mine jammed up, I managed to clear the jammed screw only for the ******* thing to do the same thing not a hundred screws later and...
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    A bit of a puzzler

    Motoring up the A12 this morning I passed a van with "traditional dryling" sign written on the side, I think the company is called CPL. Now being as I've only got an NVQ I was hoping one of you more advanced lads could tell me **** they mean by "traditional dryling". How long does something have...
  39. essexandy

    Hot knife?

    I'm fitting 150mm Celotex at the moment and cutting it quickly and square is a pain in the arse, do you guys use hot knives for cutting Celotex and if so which ones?
  40. essexandy


    Ok I've taken the plunge and ordered the Ritmo and now I'm going to ask the questions I should have asked before lol. I be grateful if some of you machine lads could tell me honestly what problems I'm likely to encounter with the machine and how often do they actually **** up so badly that they...
  41. essexandy

    I need a new tacker

    The guy I used to get to do most of my tacking has retired so I'm going to need to find a new one. I don't want a plasterer that's short of work at the moment so don't bother applying if that's you, sorry. What I need is someone who's reliable, honest and a really neat tacker. One that puts the...
  42. essexandy

    Done it at last

    I'm very sorry but southernmonkey wont be available to answer any questions tonight as he'll be busy stuffing his face with "extra jam" doughnuts in celebration at me finally picking the phone up and ordering a Ritmo M with all the trimmings.
  43. essexandy

    Spray finish down at BG

    Well today my son and I went down to Erith to have a play with a Ritmo Powercoat and the BG Spray Finish. Now I should say to start with that my son has absolutely no experience of the trade at all, and that I had asked Joe BGs demonstrator if he could just give us a quick demo of the spraying...
  44. essexandy

    Spray finish

    Well I've booked my son and me in for a day spraying finish down at BGs Erith works on Thursday. I'm going to give the spray finish a go but using more traditional tools and methods to get the finish I want hopefully. I'll report back after we return in case anyones interested.
  45. essexandy


    Ok I've next to no idea about these systems so need some advice. Next year I'm wanting to insulate my old cottage, it's walls are absolutely all over the place and that's how I want to keep them. Also the present render is a pretty all over the place finish with lots of dips and hollows and a...
  46. essexandy


    Christ I never thought I'd be posting on here but here we go. I'm seriously thinking of getting a machine and would appreciate some more opinions although I've already spoken to Monkey. In the past most of my work has been with S&C both internally and externally and plan on continuing this but...
  47. essexandy

    I hurt

    Just done my first days plastering since about March and boy does it hurt next week I've got to screed my mates new swimming pool oh joy I can imagine the pain already :(
  48. essexandy

    why locked

    Why has the "ridiculous quote" topic been locked ???
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    Dot and dab the easy way for a newbie.

    Firstly check the wall for plumb (upright) and straightness. If the wall is plumb and straight then use a chalk line to put a line on the ceiling about 23mm out from the wall for 12.5mm board. Now plumb down from the ceiling line to the floor at both ends of the wall and using the chalk line...
  50. essexandy


    I've been asked by Church to put together a guide on the use of sand & cement for external rendering, what follows is a mix of information gleaned from British Standards and nearly thirty years of personal experience. Rendering is generally made up of two coats of sand, cement and lime, except...