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  1. algeeman

    Northern rates

    Were all cold I'm going to work in a minute to put another gauge on to warm myself up. Surely this can't carry on. My kids are starving. HELP.
  2. algeeman

    Can't hardly move my right elbow

    Anyone elses trowelling arm gives up on you after 6 hours on the PS4 ?? Mines feels fuuckerood ??
  3. algeeman

    Wakey fuucking wakey

  4. algeeman

    Pay up !!

    Renderers taking beads back lol 4.30
  5. algeeman

    Telescopic sweeping brush

    Look at that @Vincey ...sweep my floors in one big sweep now...
  6. algeeman

    Good news or bad first

    Just got a call Her you want the good or bad news first. Me....bad. Her.....your tax rebate just came in £3591 and I've transferred £3500 into my account towards new 7 seater. Me ...the good news ?? got your tax rebate. Wtf ?? And I've gotta live with these...
  7. algeeman

    Why won't they just f**k**g DIE

    Gives me the fuucking creeps hundreds of them everywhere...
  8. algeeman

    Gordon i got myself a new phone

    @gps I tried saving my phone untill it died........gonna put some pics up of super huge gauges mate. Wait untill you see these new hits ..f**k**g unreal.
  9. algeeman

    Talking absolute shite

    @Vincey ...ive known you a few years now. Do me a favour and tell me to get to bed when I'm drunk on this forum lol. Your my moderator xx Good morning all
  10. algeeman

    Rates to make you sick

    Roughly I've skimmed £25000000 last year. Yes that's 25 million pounds worth of plots for about £55K. That would be £50 million down south lol. What a wonderfull life we have. Considering we all work for the government because everything we earn and buy goes back on taxes. I'm gonna open...
  11. algeeman

    my phones f**k*d

    only last 2 mins... so you lot are wankers lol
  12. algeeman

    we are the sultans of skim..

    cant fuucking wait ...tomozz last day. 16 rooms of this shiit. told me ive got 10 days done it in 9. 3 bed house to skim then taking kids away for a break ...what a fuucking 9 days its been !!!
  13. algeeman

    dash cam competion

    get them on your vans lets see which county has the biggest nobhead drivers. i bet lancashire wins. fuucking idiots everywhere. post up the dickheads on here. the winner gets to gently wank me off in the van.
  14. algeeman

    jobs you wish you didnt start

    i really cant be arsed with it.
  15. algeeman

    stop posting about cracking

    ITS HOT KEEP ANY HOT DRAFT OFF YOUR WALLS the slightest bit of heated draft will screw you even more so if you leave windows open during the night. STOP POSTING THE SAME SHIIT.
  16. algeeman


    its taking over the world
  17. algeeman


    @Danny said hes starting a room. no f**k**g thanks small pants. im not interested in your gingerism.
  18. algeeman

    just paid off contract phone.

    left it on the window today .....the heat started to split the cuunt in half. scrim or staples lol
  19. algeeman

    working alone

    site agent asked "do i always work on my own" ?? felt like saying no theres a huge f**k**g gang in my head.... ARTI jess gordan vincey simon lurpack marshy olican andy g fatarm chrispy choppa u cuunt !! etc etc :sorprendido3::sorprendido3::sorprendido3::sorprendido3::sorprendido3:
  20. algeeman


    i certainely wont be listening to any ones shiite any more off this forum. i cut down gauge sizes to keep you lot happy put 3 little ones on and ended up skimmimg more about 150m. im going back on the beer because its the only way i understand you lot. AS YOU FUUCKING WERE :birra::birra::birra:
  21. algeeman

    funny as fuuck

  22. algeeman

    battery powered mixers for lurkers

    there you go lurkers ....youve learnt a new tip free off the forum.
  23. algeeman

    fuuck the hangovers

    algees back with a vengence..... gloryfide labourers hit... to wet to trowel again. get them machines lined up @gps get these floors cleaned @Vincey soon il be as rich as @theclemo FACKING AV IT
  24. algeeman

    free stilts just need postage paid.

    there going in skip tomozz. but could do with a new home. they have skimmed ceilings the size of a small continant. but may still have a few small countries of ceilings left in them. pm me NO LURKERS.
  25. algeeman

    trowel sharpener

    someone just sent me this if anyone interested.........
  26. algeeman

    what are you wearing in this heat ??

    jeans and nappy cream ?? or shorts ??
  27. algeeman


  28. algeeman


    your all full of it .. except @Andy g as you were.
  29. algeeman

    plastering 2018

    there seems to be a pattern of domestic problems being posted on the forum lately and a lot of lads looking for new build spreads. seems good lads are hard to get. even @theclemo is out of bed spraying all sorts of shiit in 24 hours :numberone: im asking for more money from now on. hopefuly you...
  30. algeeman

    to all the spreads

  31. algeeman

    dear danny

    alot of posts about problems people are having lately. we maybe need a "DEAR DANNY" page. members can help resolve peoples issues. il go first. dear Danny.... why do my armpits stink of onions when i start my 2nd gauge ?? its becomeing a problem when i get home and the kids have nicknamed me...
  32. algeeman

    whos watching the rest of WC

    7 games left fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuùuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuùuuuùuuuuuùuuuuuuuùuuùck plastering...whos watching the matches ?? except you machine boys you have to pay for your machines lol dont forget to post your bets up !!! except you machine boys you have to pay for your machines...
  33. algeeman

    rendering the gents tomorrow

    here @lurpak homemade slow cooker chicken curry(y)
  34. algeeman


    1 hour ago......and 4 hours ago..
  35. algeeman

    just want too meet and say hello

    f**k**g AV IT
  36. algeeman

    el scorchio

    even the water in the buts are warm !! 4 small hits ...then back on the piss...even though i was never off it.
  37. algeeman

    naughty skim

    he got himself a yellow card......
  38. algeeman

    threads ive read today

    why are domestic clients looking for a cheap fix ?? gps clients bullshit and jess getting a recall. to many cuunts going in cheap as usuall. i paid over 20k to put my own house straight again ive got a phone full of pics to show it. by far i would of been the most expensive.... tell the cuunts...
  39. algeeman

    here you go vincey

    im sure youl find a use for it @Vincey
  40. algeeman

    building myself a pub

    look forward to knackned. 1 step at a time . il let you know when its done your all invited xx
  41. algeeman

    how to wreck your gauges

    download this takes over your life..... them walls can wait another half hour lol...
  42. algeeman

    tpf early morning site meetings.

    i enjoy our morning meetings. lets me know im not alone in the daily hell.
  43. algeeman

    sneaky old dog !!

    @Cornelius i thought you were african seems your denmarkish xx hope your good sir
  44. algeeman

    awkard little c**t..... coming back to finish staircase on flats. the sites shite. boss...why ?? how much do you want. me ...i dont know whats it worth ?? boss give you x amount. me i cant be arsed to many trades up and down only 1 entrance. rate ?? me ...f**k that im not...
  45. algeeman

    price of diesel

    £1.42 a litre end of the next month ....wankers.
  46. algeeman

    post a thread a day

    @Danny wants members to post a thread a day to keep it il go first heres my idea of danny...whos next ???????
  47. algeeman

    being a dad

    this should feed house and water the little scamp for the next 12 months.... good old dad lol.
  48. algeeman

    teach your kids to ride thier bikes.

    painfull but worth it.....
  49. algeeman


    wheres all me FAM innit ???
  50. algeeman

    keeping your cool

    had a bricky this morning cutting back blocks around front entrance of plot....fulled the plot with dust. i told the c**t could of f**k**g told me first. an hour later 2 joiners came to fit the door...the screeching of the drilling i thought my head was gonna explode. everytime one of...