A little bit of what I do.


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Been on here a little while now so thought I’d share a little bit of what I get up to day to day. Most of my work is commercial and over the last 4 years I’ve been doing a new business park....Bats and boarding in between units. So when people buy the units the developer recommends me if they want an office fit-out. Out of the 200 units we’ve done so far 28 have turned into full fit-outs and there’s another 300 to be built. The units are bare with just a mezzanine floor and we do the whole fit outs mechanical&electrical, data cabling, metal stud work, tacking ,plastering, chippy work, flooring, decorating etc so they’re ready to move In. This is one I’m nearly finished on



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I've done similar over the years for virgin ntl, target worldwide express and citizen advice bureau's etc. It's good work to have on going


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It’s too much to handle on my own but have a few subbies. I started as a spread then after about 5 years lost interest in it and then qualified as a sparks. I’ll do as much as I can myself with my subbies who work with me pretty much full time. On this one the only thing contracted out was the Aircon and flooring.
Do you chop your own wires off and rage at yourself when you plaster over back boxes? Then throw a paddy when you second fix and have to dig all the plaster out your back boxes? ;)

Nice work


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Nice work, its much more enjoyable to be doing different trades and a lot easier when its commercial and you have the room to get set up right.