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Anyone taking on in leeds?

Discussion in 'Plasterers Looking For Plasterers' started by brad myers, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. brad myers

    brad myers New Member

    Hi guys, I've got my level 3 diploma but that's just a piece of paper to most people. Is anyone taking on in Leeds? Wanting to actually be able to do some plastering so college wasn't wasted time. Thanks :)
  2. smoother09

    smoother09 Private Member

    You should probably jump on with agency work will help you get a bit of experience thing is if you jump on with a decent company and say your a plasterer they will sus you out in a morning! My advice is to be honest say you got your certificate but are coming in at a semi skilled level and are willing to learn. People in business appreciate honestly,time keeping, cleanliness go that little bit further and you will be a necessity to someone or a company! Google plastering companies in Leeds give um a ring have a chat tell them you don't expect big money and if someone give you a go then down the line when you prove your worth and skills improve, you can call the shots!
    Good luck!!.....god that was a bit deep for me at 6 on a Friday morning!!!! Right getting up dog out porridge and a slice of toast n outta door for 7 oh I love my life!!
    Scrap that don't be a plasterer!!
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  3. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Stick about on here and something always comes up :D
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  4. It come up this morning alright when the old woman was riding like a champion jockey ;)
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  5. brad myers

    brad myers New Member

  6. brad myers

    brad myers New Member

    Cheers mate
  7. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    Pictures please? I bet she is nice and young and tight.
  8. sure thing m8..here’s us out in Ibiza last year..what a party ;)
  9. 67B3FD8E-9B92-4B58-B2DD-AB35AB2BD96E.png

    Attached Files:

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  10. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    I bet her knickers smell exquisite?
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  11. Nah...she prefers to go commando..;)
  12. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    Mmmmmm delightful
  13. algeeman

    algeeman Private Member

    get the fuucking guts licked out of it !!!
  14. She’s like a kfc bargain bucket..finger licking good ;)
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