Been offline for a couple of weeks..


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... Firstly a huge thank you as always to everyone that supported the last fundraiser..

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I know there are still a few loose ends that I will tie up as soon I can. @Dropsalot @John j

During the fundraiser a friend of mine passed away and once was the draw was done I switched off so apologies for not replying to threads, tags etc.

@hstoke @Smudger1 @RobJack hope you like your trowels.
I'll answer your question here smudger as I can't put pics on PM's.
Keep it dry end of the day and rust won't form, ive always kept mine on back of van door with a rag (excuse poor photo) and can of wd40, treat them to a squirt every couple of weeks (phnarr phnarr)

They were soaked in a mixture of 50/50 coke and vinegar


To create a forced patina (black coating) that prevents orange rust forming, this will improve with time, any little patches of orange just scrub off.

Crap video I made, was very rushed but you'll get the idea of the sharpening process aka the Beddy method


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Happy new year glad yer back on I be giving the carbon a run out tommorow n rest of the week
Thanks again