Best way to cut aqua panel?


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grinder is dusty, saw is slow, Stanley knife isn't quite up to it and constantly changing blades? Going with the knife at the moment...


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Just gave the grinder another go, apart from the dust it's the best of my options today I think, have you got a dust bag attached to your saw Dan?


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Saw and vac is best. Been looking at spiral saws with vacuum attachments but not many about. Think they would be great though


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But m class Hoover will save your lungs (y)

Yeah i know, ive got one, just thinking of a quick alternative to the knife he's using.


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I made a gizmo from timber on site ...........basically two lengths of 4x2 with a 12.5mm gap .....fix it to a solid trestle thingy, score the boards with the hardie scoring doodah.....slide between the two timbers.......and snap! dust, no drama, cuts angles and is quite simply a brilliant idea.........( mother is gonna be so proud)....
Best way is to use a circular saw set to very shallow depth, say about 5mm then use the cut as a score and snap the board.