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Hey just saying hi. Anybody worked in birmingham? Got a job there tomorrow and not sure whether to take my van or train in and take my trowel and hawk.....


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You should be fine to find parking around there ,just be careful what you leave in your van it’s abit rough.


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Started yesterday. Turns out car park inside building and basement. Was worth train in to see what the crack was. Job is patching in renovation of a big victorian building, was supposed to be a hotel but they reckon offices now.
Cheers for the add.


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Not winson green lol
2 opposite ends of the scale in regards to location.
Parking is a pain if you have a big van
Otherwise if you have a car or small van snow hill station should be close by.
Parkopedia is a good app.
Welcome to the home of the mighty Birmingham city fc


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Winson Green was a joke Lee as to where Lurpy is from but it appeared to go over heads.

As some one who was born on the Witton Road but hates Villa and does not support Blues. You are only the 2nd Blues supporter I have ever heard of. :D I think there is a cure as there doesnt appear to be many sufferers nowadays. :D:D

Some parts of Brum are not very nice bu77ons. Cities are Cities. If you are stopping in area the nicer parts are North and South out of the city in surrounding towns in those directions. Always plenty of work in those areas.