Dewalt V Uvex


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Both completely sealed eye protection units , dewalt ventilation at the top and uvex at the bottom, eye vision clarity of both is very good but actual spectrum I’d say dewalt slightly wide but only just , uvex feels more snug around the eye socket a slightly tighter fit but both have good strap support that is comfy, and feel like they aren’t on


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I’ll try to post some later lol
Tbf this is a totally unbiased review for benefit of members health and safety
These goggles have advanced over the last year or so I’d definitely think of purchasing these over standard specs for eye protection at work


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Your absolutely 100% correct to wear @Vincey!

But f**k that..I couldn't wear!!!
Totally understand mate on plus side though (and this might make you want some ) when customers walk near by I turn round and shout “Stand Back !! it’s dangerous around here “

They chip straight away, can sit back down then lol
Uvex do a good safety trainer but it’s a bit expensive around £80


Trouble with these specks is that they dont take the heat too much... if you crack the grinder out and after a few days the vision is gone...