Essex pargetting


TPF Special Forces
a nice modern pargetting panel on the rear of a property that we are working on.
it is the owners son walking his dog, his wife horse the field, with his old dog that that had passed away in the distance.
a local plasterer carried out this panel which took a day and a half to complete.


The Lake Governor
That was done by a guy called Ian Warren, I recognise his style, he's quite local to me. He was an artist first before getting into pargetting.
His pictures are the best I've ever seen but some of the banding, flat areas are, well, less good. Not that anyone's going to notice other than another renderer.
Check his website out, some fantastic work.


TPF Special Forces
Is that what they call it nowadays :coffe:
I would call it modern pargeting, these type of pictures started to appear in essex about 30 years ago. we have done a few simple ones. some freehand some with moulds.
what would you call it ?