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Discussion in 'Plasterers Health and Wellbeing' started by Num1spread, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Num1spread

    Num1spread Member

    Any off you men ever had a trapped nerve in your shoulder/neck area?whats the best way to treat it?had my days work doing ceilings finished an was just bonding a wall when I got a sharp pain around my shoulder/Neck area,it's sore to turn my head,

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  2. Pagey

    Pagey Private Member

    Just Work through it
  3. Num1spread

    Num1spread Member

    Gonna take a guess and say your 50+

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  4. tcd

    tcd Member

    Try an ice pack or whatever you have frozen in the freezer apply it to the sore area for a couple of minuets at a time it will take any inflammation away on the inside
  5. Pagey

    Pagey Private Member

    Nah 33
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  6. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

  7. andrwclem

    andrwclem Member

    Whiskey and Nurofen plus
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  8. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    go see a sports massage therapist...
  9. kebab king

    kebab king Private Member

    Sounds Painful. Hope you’re ok.
  10. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    A trapped nerve is very painful, I have had it following intense physio, that's the thing with nerves an expert physio can also hurt them ,pain killers and rest , if that don't work ,try getting an ultra sound or a scan ,sometimes these things 'right themselves ' sometimes not,but operations on the shoulder for Plasterer's can be career ending
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  11. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    Yes please
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  12. Tinytom

    Tinytom Active Member

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  13. smoother09

    smoother09 Private Member

    The joy's of plastering my left shoulder constantly gives me hassle and wrist aswell especially cold weather time. I think the cortisone injection is coming my way:nocausagracia: my dad started with same at 40ish and he ended up having heart attack at work!! He was a massive pisshead and smoked like a trooper tbf so hopefully mines down to doing a lot of weight training and throwing this s**t on walls.....I hope otherwise I'm f**k*d:sorprendido3:

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