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Magnetic plaster

Discussion in 'Magnetic Plaster Discussions' started by flynnyman, May 25, 2017.

  1. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Decided to use my magnetic plaster from smarter surfaces, curtesy of @Barbara :). I did a job a while back at a children's hospice in their main room where all the kids chill, this hospice relies on donations to run. I did the main wall in magnetic and they are buzzing with it but coincidence has it they rang me the same day I got this gear from smarter surfaces. In the kids part they have a wall where every child that has been there, has their picture in a star which is stook to the wall. They rang me regarding doing this wall coz as you can imagine it's harder and harder to move them around, add others and they constantly get knocked off, so what they saw with the other wall would be perfect. Went past after work to do it so here it is and it's curved as well :)

    The letters peeled off easy enough, and I didn't bother to prime because this stuff is similar to paint and also a bit similar to Venetian, feels a bit like micro as well. I got there for five and had it on for half past :) easy to use a bit like easy filling, felt a bit weird putting it on thick maybe best to put a few thinner coats but I didn't want to be there too long. The gear dries quite quick I was trowelling at about six then got to six thirty and I packed away :) I have about a quarter left which I will apply tomorrow just to flatten like you would with easy fill and I say it will pull in quick. IMG_0618.JPG IMG_0626.JPG

    It's done that height coz that's where they put the pics so was ideal coz i only had enough for five metres :) couldn't help try a few magnets before I left :) IMG_0625.JPG

    Here is the other wall I did which they are painting a theme on so more pics to come.


    Attached Files:

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  2. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    how thick does it go on flynny? Got a wall to do in a couple of weeks with it..

    cant decide to skim teh wall with MF first then put this over it with a square marked out tt bead off a square with it...lol
  3. CeeVee

    CeeVee Well-Known Member

    Looks great that. Havent had chance to try mine yet.
    I was going to ask the same about thickness...looks mighty strong for such a thin coat.
  4. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    You on about the smarter surfaces or the other?
  5. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    It goes on thin compared to finish I will go back today gonna bring some stuff I've used on BG gear and see what the strength is like.
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  6. CeeVee

    CeeVee Well-Known Member

    Yeah smarter surfaces
  7. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Went back after work got there for 4.45 was gone an hour later, put what I had left on which I don't think will make a massive difference, coz it was tight and just smoothed it off. I thought it wouldn't be that good coz the coat seems quite thin but I was wrong it's surprisingly good. I took a few pics I've used before when I was messing with BG gear and they stuck just as good I think I'm gonna try the guitar again coz that was the biggest thing I've tried.

    IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0643.JPG IMG_0645.JPG
    This was before the tight coat and the magnets really stuck well
    The ones below are just tarting it up, I am back next week so will see how they get on with it .

    IMG_0649.JPG IMG_0651.JPG IMG_0653.JPG

    It really did feel like using Venetian I was tempted to polish it just to see but it's Friday :)
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
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  8. Dropsalot

    Dropsalot Private Member

    Useful post. Thank you.
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  9. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Great feedback, really appreciate it and glad you like it!
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  10. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Popped back today with the guitar, this was one of the heaviest things I tried in the past, I did have bigger stuff like canvases but this was the heaviest and also its shape made it hard. It pissed it no problem and it even stuck to the curved part of the wall, so overall very impressed.

    IMG_0679.JPG IMG_0682.JPG IMG_0684.JPG IMG_0686.JPG
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  11. algeeman

    algeeman Private Member

    have you heard of a fella called mark holden flyn ??
    director of redrose drylining.
    he built a few nursery with his millions !!!
    he might be interested with what your doing.
    might be a few £££££££'s in it for ya.
  12. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Yep mark knows me very well :)
  13. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    Hey @flynnyman any pics from the final result :)
  14. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    These are the last ones I took when I visited the other week, they will be using that whole wall as a sort of memory wall for all the children that have been there. It was quite sad listening to them talk about it and makes you appreciate what you have, a lot of the parents come back every year to visit so will be nice once it's painted for them to see their children's pic. I will pop back soon when it's done to take more pics, they are hoping to get someone to paint a backdrop on the walls then use magnets, s o should be interesting also the use of hanging musical instruments is not a bad idea.:) oh and I did get your message but I've not had time I've been quite busy but will get back to you.

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  15. puddove

    puddove Private Member

    it must be good stuff - flynnyman if you can stick a piano to the wall:inocente::inocente:

    good work flynnyman- a credit to you (y)
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  16. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    that is really sad! but very happy that we could help. thanks for that
  17. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    I just don't get it tbh!

    Still can't work out how there can be sufficient market to warrant producing it?

    Happy to be educated though!
  18. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Turning a wall that is usually ignored, into a wall that kids can use to get creative and learn is a very good idea, also a lot I've been back to are being used to show off certificates that would be put in a drawer. I've done a few schools that love it and use it all the time to teach counting and spelling. Smarter surfaces are making head way in the office environment where it is also useful, I've done a few kitchen walls that are being used a lot like a notice board, so it has its uses.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017
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  19. Barbara

    Barbara Member

    spot on @flynnyman :) I think this video shows functional surfaces really well:
    Very popular in the office/corporate space to transform whole rooms and get people to work together, brainstorm, plan etc

    I have a wall near my desk in the office :D see below me reviewing all of our labels

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  20. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    Ahhhh I get it now!

    Guess 20yrs on building sites may have been my problem!
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