New Host and server


We are at the brink of out growing our current server and the current host is not playing ball with a good enough upgrade...

We will be moving within the next 30 days at some point.....

Quite a few of you will remember these moves how for 24 hours it can be a bit sketchy and the forum will be up and down like a whores knickers.

The forum software will be staying the same so dont panic :D

I will give as much notice as I can when I know more information :D


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Get one with an edit button ! :coffe:
Try B&M instead of home bargains for it (y)


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I would quite like a ‘shocked’ emoji thing as in ‘jesstheplasterer reacted shocked to your post in..’

Because I read stuff and I find myself frequently shocked! :p


this move will probably happen in the next 48 hours... so bear with me....


Sorry about that chaps.... my helicopter took out a mast because it was so heavy
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