Should I buy a machine?


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Posted earlier on the rendering forum but it hasn’t appeared for some reason?

Looking for some advice on wheter to buy a pump or not...
We are general builders & when rendering mostly do more traditional S&C render, dry & wet dash. More recently we have been asked for mono & tc...mainly mono & krend being specified by architects & customers, all been applied by hand to date with good results.

We have a 200m2 job coming up and I’m toying with the idea of buying a ritmo, but at 5-6k+ and no other bigger jobs imminent it would need to justify its self big time on time & labour saving, so the question is... will it be worth it?
My thinking is that we can advertise rendering as stand alone if we buy a pump as we don’t advertise at’s still a big outlay for one job!
Thoughts appreciated


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Go for it. They don’t lose a huge amount of value so if you don’t get on with it or it’s not making you money then just sell it on.


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They last for years. My last PFT machine is still earning after 22 years.

Once you have mastered the machine you will have all on going back to hand balling it. There is a builder near me who advertises rendering as a separate business and does well.


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Cheers for he replies guys, I’ve decided to bite the bullet & just get a new one organised, at least I know what I’ll be getting reliability wise, get free training for the guys & they hold their value which more than justified the itnitial outlay & hopefully we can generate some more business with it


if you do enough rendering to consider a machine... then you should buy one... I have seen far too many people who have held off buying one then buy it and wonder why they did not do it sooner....


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What's 5-6 grand in the big scheme of things you can make that off one job so already paid for itself and I'm sure there will be plenty more!