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John j

Mono Don
Right gave me sen till end of march to get inside of house done. Then I.m out side.
Money and time pending I.m wanting to insulate and render upstairs and re point downstairs............but ...... I.m only gonna want to do 2 sides for now. Can you stop with the insulation some how on corner then carry on when your ready to do that side.


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No John , because there wouldn’t be any insulation on the front to enable a bead to be placed on corner ,
As a suggestion though you could maybe use the Proofshield or the Bauwer and set the bead on the corner and do front later

John j

Mono Don
I was thinking come round corner half a foot then put beed on . The backs not bad its the front and side that gets all weather.
What's the thinnest insulation got insulation boards on interior so dont have to go daft .
Might even get bro in law to do that brick finish render as prob be cheaper then paying a bricki to re point


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Ye know I.m only messing . Do feel a bit s**t lately. Think its just the mid life crisis . The I planned on being a millionaire by now age
We’ve all been there, I’ve been making a conscious effort not to feel down this year and so far it’s working. Anytime negative thoughts creep in just thing about good, happy things.