Tanking Slurry over basement walls

We are tanking a basement and trying to get back to bare brick but whatever has been put on the walls before is rock hard. Can we remove any loose material and then apply tanking slurry (probably SIKA) over the solid walls... or do we HAVE to get back to bare brick everywhere ? Thanks
Is there a better (cost effective) option than tanking slurry like Epoxy Primer (all surface DPM) or something else. We also have a concrete floor to seal. Thanks
basements are a nightmare.
is it sand and cement render on the bricks ?
Not sure - different walls seem to have had different treatments. We think some of it has been tanked but holes have been made in it by the home owner putting up furniture etc.


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i would only take anything loose off the walls, repair the holes then tank. don't want to damage any brickwork.
I keep reading different things online - some say you must get back to bare brick and others not. I can't see why a wall is different from a concrete floor !!!


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when you say that the coating on the walls is rock hard i think that you may do more damage to the brickwork trying to remove the coating.
how wet is this basement ?


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i guess that you need to have someone out to have a look at your basement. without seeing it you could receive bad advice.
what area is this property ? they may be someone on the forum that can help you.


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Type C cavity drained waterproofing. Go straight over what's there maybe the best option. Only real down side is a loss of room due to battening/studding walls out and the need to dig for a sump chamber.

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