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Hi there, yes new to plastering but getting into it!

Discussion in 'New To Plastering? Read This First...' started by philcoolplastering, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. philcoolplastering

    philcoolplastering New Member

    just building a skill set in plastering and found this forum a rich source of no nonsense advice. Thanks for reading and kind regards.
  2. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

  3. Lastlaff

    Lastlaff Well-Known Member

    Welcome on board mate
  4. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Welcome along :D
  5. Nicm

    Nicm Well-Known Member

  6. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    Are you that rubber faced impressionist bloke??
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  7. Olican

    Olican Private Member

    Wow that is old school, what ever happened to him..

    ImageUploadedByThe Plasterers Forum1507407409.555207.jpg

    He did a good impression of ....oh never mind

    ImageUploadedByThe Plasterers Forum1507407439.584876.jpg
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  8. BigK

    BigK Private Member

    I doubt it’s Phil Cool himself, he was an electrician, my dad worked on sites with him in the late seventies/ early eighties. He will be cracking on now!
    He from not far from you Marshy, think he was from around chipping.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  9. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    He used to drink in the wheatsheaf pub when I was just going to pubs. He was a great guy very down to earth with no airs or graces. When the bar was packed if he was waiting he'd take the piss had us all in stitches
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  10. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Fred the weather man was always drinking in a pub I occasionally went into, them he joined the 'll fix it' club!
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  11. Stevieo

    Stevieo Active Member

    Les Battersby goes on the piss up and down Deansgate after Corrie. I've had a pint with him. That minging jacket isn't Les Battersby's, it's his. He got in all kinds of s**t for getting pissed up and blabbing top secret Corrie plots in bars.

    Also pissed Jim Davidson off in the Union Jack club in Waterloo.

    After a couple of pints with him, I asked him his name.

    'Jim Davidson'
    'Hi Jim, I'm Steve. What regiment you with?'
    'Huh? I'm Jim Davidson'
    'Yes mate, but who you with? What do you do for a living?'
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  12. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Feel bad for battersby think he was pretty f**k*d up after finding the Yorkshire ripper victim
  13. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    I'm f**k*d up but try not to let ruin my life or those of others. Saying that if I had a gun and a good few rounds of bullets I'd sort lots of s**t pretty f**k**g quickly
  14. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Yeah d'know thats true. Most people don't f**k themselves up its other people that do it for you. The question then is do you let them. No, fuckers!
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  15. johniosaif

    johniosaif Private Member

    Don't hang with GPS
  16. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    I'm my own person who is going thro a years worth of upsets and life changing issues. The police have already cautioned me so I need to calm down but I will say whoever wants to push my buttons I will f**k them up

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