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Discussion in 'Tiling Discussions' started by ruddez, May 21, 2017.

  1. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    i have another job to tile over metro tiles with 600x300 wall tiles,the metros have been put on over sand and cement and are going to be very difficult to get off,as there are voids in the wall could i use neat pva and skim over to get a flatter surface to work to and then tile over just wondering would it work,or batten and board,the last job i did over tiles used a lot of adhesive and there was some lippage,or should i walk away,thanks
  2. Davy sned

    Davy sned Active Member

    Sounds dodgy if they pay you enough strip it back or you could be going back too it in the future if your doubting it at all I would be walking
  3. Dropsalot

    Dropsalot Private Member

    You know what's right. Easy choice for me, explain to client, make them see the pitfalls of doing it wrong.......if they want that, walk away, be principled, sleep at night , and you get to see the look on their face when you put the tools back in the van..........priceless.(y)
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  4. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Just tile on top off the existing tiles and maybe use a pregrit also clean the old tiles
  5. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    i have tiled on tile in the past with the right adhesive but its the amount of adhesive it takes, the dubbing out of the voids as you go along,i have skimmed over tiles before but not tiled then on on top of the skim,so i will explain the pit falls and options then its up to them,thanks
  6. zolco

    zolco Private Member

    Put a diamond grinder on it with an extractor to take the high points off maybe then tile over?
  7. jet

    jet Active Member

    You can tile over tiles with correct prep
    Metros are not flat & that size tile will need
    Bagged adhesive
    Skimming them you will have all weight on pva & skim
    Best all tiles off save your self a lot of headaches
  8. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    good advice all,
  9. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    another question if i am going to tile over tile can anybody advise an adhesive to use other than a ready mixed adhesive as it works out so expensive,thanks
  10. Natwasere

    Natwasere Well-Known Member

    What material are the tiles? I'm guessing by the size it porcelain, for that use a flexible cement based one. Personally use a c2ft s1 can be brought from any tile shop or even things like wickes/b+q. Use a good primer.... not pva. I use Webber sp250 or sbr but many others around, so long as tiles solid scuff them.as best as you can and use 8mm+ notch trowel.
  11. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I think I agree with this.... your reputation if it goes wrong
  12. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    they are hacked off now,dot and dabbing tomorrow
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  13. choppa

    choppa Active Member

    All that fuss and you got over it well done matey :bailando:
  14. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    you will sleep better tonight :D
  15. ruddez

    ruddez Member

    goodnight all
  16. Natwasere

    Natwasere Well-Known Member

    Clearly wasn't well on there then. But you won't regret that. Nice flat surface to tile is luurrvly
  17. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    night :D

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