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Should all buildings without cavity be lime plastered and rendered?

Discussion in 'General Lime Plastering Discussions' started by JayJSF, Jan 22, 2017.

  2. mr irish spread you say you have trowels older then me but you profile picture has some brand new skimming ones on it you must do loads of lime mortar with them (y)
  3. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Trowel in the middle is older than you
  4. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Looking forward to it
  5. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

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  6. love to stay up and chat mr irish spread but ive got to order some 3 inch bricks you say dont exist even though ive already posted a picture you say is false how about i send you some in the post.............
  7. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Thanks. I've got selco sending me brick catalogues as well. Don't bother about getting your measuring tape out, I can tell you now these bricks will probably measure 9"x3".
    I'm off tomorrow so I can send you a picture of a brick as well. Not Fr Jacks favourite brick, the 3 and three quarter inch one though. Nighty night young gun X
  8. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

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  9. [​IMG]

    selco mate they will be more then likely brand new we talking about old houses with out cavitys.........
  10. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Your words not mine. A SINGLE CAVITY WALL. It's called a 9" cavity block. No need for you to get your measuring string out. Once again, ill leave it there. Every time you come back I'll educate you. Think on young gun X
  11. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Also, was it hard to hack the old render off " your" not Google pics job ?, did the nasty render take the face off the bricks ?

    And your other, not Google obviously of before and after as you promised pics would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait X
  12. what an earth has a brand new 9inch cavity block got to do with this??? you strange man were talking about houses built in lime in bricks thats a brand spanking block which does have a cavity its called a CAVITY BLOCK the hint is in the name:risas2:

  13. little video for you and your old man a woman doing it for 5 min knows more then a bloke doing for 30 years
    but then again its all about how old you are
  14. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    Once again. Can you please explain why the bricks on 'your' Job where you hacked the render off are in such good condition ?
    It's a simple question
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  15. irish_spread

    irish_spread Private Member

    1. answer to your question is, a solid wall can have a cavity, it's called a 9" cavity block, the evidence is in the cavity.

    2. Why are you posting up pics/brochures of approx 9" long X 3" bricks ?, most people are aware of the dimensions, you've obviously just bought a measuring tape

    3. I'm away for a week so I can't reply to your ignorance but to get back my last post, WHY ARE THE BRICKS IN THE 3"//6"/9"" WALLS THAT YOU HACKED THE RENDER OFF IN YOUR NOT GOOGLE PICS IN ABSOLUTLEY PERFECT CONDITION ?
    I smell a rat
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  16. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    With ultrasonic technology , apparently I am
    Not the only one using it.
  17. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

  18. its my picture and not of google. I have posted 6 documents from online which clearly states not to put sand and cement on a building with no cavity.
    How ever my friend you have posted a picture of a dead fish and a cavity block!?
    You have never probably come across bricks under render like this just like you have never come across a single skinned wall or a 3 3/4 inch brick even though i have shown you they all exist
    If you build with a cavity block you have a cavity.....................
    yes you can put sand and cement on a cavity block
    Cant under stand what you mean because the question is
    Should all buildings without cavity be lime plastered and rendered?


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