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Tool belt setup

Discussion in 'Tips And Tricks of The Trade' started by jimbo71, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. jimbo71

    jimbo71 Active Member

    Whats your preferred method of carrying your tools when boarding? I have a bit of a thing for tool belts, you see these guys in America who carry everything including the kitchen sink, that looks draining!
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  2. Stevieo

    Stevieo Member

    Don't join the army.
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  3. Wayners

    Wayners Member

  4. jimbo71

    jimbo71 Active Member

    I've done that, maybe the tool belts remind me of webbing pouches, spent ages making it personal/comfortable
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  5. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    I keep mine really basic , just essentials

  6. Cornelius

    Cornelius Well-Known Member

    What's the green masturbation rag?
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  7. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    tool belt for me as well
  8. I guess I'm probably one of those guys in America who carry the kitchen sink but believe it or not this is slimmed down from what I used to use. I've had a lot of different setups through the years and my current one is by far my favorite. Its durable but don't let the bulk fool you. With the suspenders its VERY comfortable and I can go all day with no back pain. I'm right handed so if you're a south paw this would be changed up for you.

    My Belt setup:

    Right side tools:
    Here they are individually:

    Left side tools: (I carry screws on this side. 2 pouches for different lengths if necessary)

    Here they are individually: (The paper is important if you have complicated cuts and need to draw it out or so you can take several measurments at once. A scrap piece of board works too but this is cleaner and lighter.
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  9. jimbo71

    jimbo71 Active Member

    Nice setup, is that occidental leather? Very expensive over here.
  10. Yes they are Oxy bags. After replacing my bags every few years I decided to only cry onece and bought these. I'm betting they'll last longer than me so over their lifetime it's worth it. I think this setup cost around $350. If you hang a lot it's totally worth it though.
  11. s61

    s61 Active Member

    Like the pocket kicker don't see any of those over here handy little tool
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  12. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    I just use the with the window sill!
  13. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    nice :D
  14. Stevieo

    Stevieo Member

    What's that pencil holder thing for - holding pencils?

    Have you no ear?
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  15. It's called pencil armor made by Johnson. Makes it so you don't lose your pencil in your bag even when it gets whittled down. (and the clip on it is handy) Carpenter pencils don't stay behind the ear very well, especially when you have to throw sheets over your head.
  16. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    I spent £2.75 on my tool belt expecting it to last a year.... still going strong and used a lot more than most would imagine :D
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