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    Pure finish

    That's pretty much how all skim plaster used to be.
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    Shipping containers

    I've got about an acre or so of spare land and have thought about getting permission to put some containers on to rent out. Perhaps I should make some enquiries.
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    Shipping containers

    I enquired about having one at my lake and was told that I'd need planning permission. Years ago this wasn't the case.
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    Those fiddly bits

    Not doing what you're told will shorten your life, now always do the little fiddley bits.
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    Oldest plasterer

    There needed to be a sad button for this post.
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    Lets see what you are doing today

    If he was a fellow tradesman I might bother!
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    Step aside @algeeman

    For f**k sake!
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    Step aside @algeeman

    Get someone else in then.
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    Forum WTF?

    Actually after just a few minutes even this old fart is getting used to it already. Same as @JessThePlasterer miss the dislike/funny buttons. Get it sorted Danny, it's only progress if it's better!
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    Forum WTF?

    You're probably right.
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    Forum WTF?

    I think this will be the end of me on here, it's f**k**g horrible to navigate.
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    Workshop Levenshulme

    Good job there weren't any awkward bits to get to.
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    Settle an argument please!

    Thank goodness for that, I had to drink two bottles of Nightnurse to get to sleep last night.
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    Settle an argument please!

    That internal wanted a bit of scrim down it first and then skimming, no question.
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    Reskimming over new plaster

    Did you notice that no one laughed? Not one. You've been sussed!