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    New tools

    f**k me are they doing courses in that now?
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    New stand

    No sorry mate I tend to call dogs dogs, kettles kettles and hawks hawks.
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    plastic beading

    Go back and do another course mate.
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    Electricians & Plasterers

    Sorry that has made you angry @Mambo, I promise I won't mention that I'm doing it tomorrow. Doh!!
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    Sponge Floating a few questions

    Old skool, like it.
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    Window fitting

    Piece of piss but much easier with two of you, obviously.
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    What’s multi like these days

    Multifinish is nothing near as 'grainy' as the decent gear of years ago. IMHO it's the fact that it's made so fine, to get over suction, that is what makes it slimey and horrible to use where there is less suction and in cooler weather.
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    Electricians & Plasterers

    Actually thinking about it I do often take sets of plans to the Pool to price up jobs, and it would be rude not to have the rods out as well. So I suppose sometimes I do make money whilst fishing.
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    Electricians & Plasterers

    Hahaha I bloody wish.
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    Claiming benefits

    Well if that doesn't cheer him up.....
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    New stand

    Hey I just managed a whole post without swearing. f**k**g get in!
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    New stand

    Way unnecessary overkill mate. My 9mm boards were fine even when loading them up with S&C from a hod. I've also never understood why people cut the corners off their boards, it's exactly where my hawk handle sits whilst ruling off.
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    New stand

    Just a bit of 9mm ply off site has always done just fine. 1m x 1m for floating and 900 x 900 for skimming. I've had the same ones for about 8 years now.
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    Claiming benefits

    Totally agree mate, I was just thinking what might be best for you.
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    Irish_Spread Needs Some Help

    Yeah yeah if you say so.