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    Fair play Andy you keep your kit in good order !! Lol
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    Hi from an end user...

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    Buckler boots

    Vincey Bet you wished you not bothered to ask opinion now
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    A weather thread to moan in.

    This one seems ideal...if not bit more than I wanted to spend
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    A weather thread to moan in.

    Half way.rhrough full house.chop off and re render Got another to do before I take a break from outside work for 3 months.. Looking buying a waterproof gazebo with 3 sides to house machine so can keep going esp if only showers ... Thinking scratch coat rather than finish ...
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    Gavine Lurpak Smoother

    I thought you started the forum to be rich and successful
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    Was I right

    Me too... That's the thing lot of builders can't do ..plaster
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    I said it before, jesus (newbie plastering)

    Welcome Another 5years of practice and you'll be there
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    Last job in Australia before the move home

    Thought it was just a whippet and a flat cap
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    Tanking slurry and internal render

    It's fine but if it's due to damp your using limelite then I would sponge finish it rather than trowel as this leaves open texture (same as lime finish) Does take longer to go off than multi...
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    can i dab board onto steel?

    Is it rsj or steel lintel
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    Tanking slurry and internal render

    You can but you loose the breathability Best to use limelite high impact finish
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    Who rules off their render

    Depends on type of job I'm on.... Doing mostly lime work on property that could be 300 years old there's no way it's going to be spot on as walls are so far out ,so can go by eye... .does need some character in it If it's a modernish house then yes of course Break out the feather edge or serated