Anyone near barnsley.

John j

Mono Don
Anyone got a few days free . Need a little boost. (Be day rate)
Also need a Joey for few days if anyone interested


The Lake Governor
If it's at woodkirk valley leisure club I'll meet you for a pintvas I'm travelling up tomorrow for Mrs uncle's
Some fancy Italian restaurant. Steak and chips for me then. Bet they don't sell Guinness either.

John j

Mono Don
@essexandy when you get past Doncaster about 7 mile . You should see a sign for askern or barnsdale barn. If not theres a service station with a sex shop at side of it . Big white building .
Bout 2 miles after that you go over a bridge. Have a look at drop . We go down side of it on bike . Scares f**k out me but keeps me yound


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The international language for labourer....joey :ROFLMAO: I believe it originated from the mongrel known as joey deacon!! Bit controversial but