Anyone want a skilled mate/labourer in the the home counties area

Hey chaps my name is Harry i'm 23 yrs old, I was a plasterers mate for 3 years. Mixing up, prepping and working on the trowl mainly internal work with a bit of render work. My boss has since retired and ive been searching high and low for another job, I regularly take on private work (small ceilings and small bathrooms/bedrooms) but don't feel confident about going on my own just yet!

So if there is anyone in the home counties area (hertfordshire) that wants a hand please let me know. Thanks


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Yes good luck something will turn up


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Hertfordshire spans a huge area where aboutsbare you ?
Hi mate did you find a good plasterer to take you on in the end?
No buddy not yet, just doing my own little things and re learning to maybe get out of building.


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Good luck Harry! Join in with the forum and you may endear yourself to someone. Sure something will crop up