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Damp Proofing my bathroom - Heyen or Sovereign solutions?

Discussion in 'Damp And Damp Proofing Discussions' started by koshi, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. koshi

    koshi New Member

    Hi, i'm looking at damp proofing my flat myself after getting a professional quote, the company listed the following..

    1) To apply anti-sulphate onto the brickwork.
    2) To plaster the wall with sand and cement with SBR additive.
    3) To apply 2 coats of tanking slurry with a 150mm lap on to the floor slab.
    4) To dry line the wall with plasterboard. (ready for tiling which is not included in
    this estimate).

    I'm looking at getting the heyen anti-sulphate, but quite a few go on about the Hey'di k11 tanking system which looks more involved that getting the above separately from suppliers like Hayen or even Travis Perkins (which I could pick up locally)

    I've got a project blog for pics etc: https://projectflat.wordpress.com/

    Any advise would be appreciated, cheers.

    Attached Files:

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  2. koshi

    koshi New Member

    Hi... just to update.. i've taken the wall back down to bare brick inc some fist ish size holes up to quite large holes. Whats the best way to prepare this before i apply a tanking solution? sand/cement/sbr mix of some kind?
  3. gps

    gps Private Member

    My advice is get someone in who knows what they are doing.
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  4. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    I'd move house!!!
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  5. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Maybe look at stud and insulation if you have the space.
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  6. Tinytom

    Tinytom Active Member

    I use ka tanking slurry from Travis, you can mix it in with some sand to stiffen it up then fill out your bigger holes before tanking the lot
  7. koshiuk

    koshiuk New Member

    Cool thanks all....

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