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Exterior Lime render

Discussion in 'General Lime Plastering Discussions' started by Theoldshop, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Theoldshop

    Theoldshop New Member

    hello im new to this forum.

    We’re based in North Lincolnshire and have an old solid walled house that need cement render taking off and rendering with lime but trying to find tradesmen that do lime render or lime repointing is hard work?

    Anyone near by that can help? :)

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  2. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    Where abouts in north Lincolnshire?
  3. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    Humberstone. Close enough? :D
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  4. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    They would of found me ;)
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  5. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

    Welcome along :D
  6. seanlar

    seanlar Member

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  7. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Welcome oldshop!
  8. theclemo

    theclemo Private Member

  9. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    You are trying to get him banned on here too?
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  10. theclemo

    theclemo Private Member

    Lol. No. If u use Bauwer light instead of lime it works out a lot faster and u get it insulated to. And can be used on listed buildings. ;)

    My cheque please Alex...
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  11. Theoldshop

    Theoldshop New Member

    Hello, Thanks for your replies. i dont seem to get notifications of when someone has posted!

    I've heard of the Bauwer stuff. My heads telling me it should be Lime but the Bauwer stuff does look good. However i noticed it uses cement! Surely thats not right? Every old house expert Ive consulted with has told me to avoid cement at all cost.

    Were in Barrow-Upon-Humber, DN19
  12. Theoldshop

    Theoldshop New Member

    We need this shoddy sand and cement render taking off and rendering with something breathable!

    Attached Files:

  13. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    That’s @flynnyman out then :D
    Way too far from grymsby:endesacuerdo:
  14. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    @flynnyman hope sailing is known to you:D
    Or Vincey will come and airless it:D

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