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Garage Floor Questions

Discussion in 'Floor Screeding Discussions' started by AOIS, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. AOIS

    AOIS New Member


    I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to be able to advise on the following please.

    At the end of October last year I purchased a new build property. My understanding is the garage floor has some kind of screed finish. The surface looks to have a very inconsistent finish with what I can only describe as rough patches and what look like bubbles. It almost looks like a cement appearance on the surface in certain areas.

    I'm fairly confident that these areas have developed overtime as were not present from the point we moved in.

    My property was the first one contrstucted on the development and it seems that all other garages now look to have a concrete floor.

    Any help, advice or reassurance appreciated.

    Attached Files:

  2. Builderboi

    Builderboi Well-Known Member

    Looks like someone's dumped poorly mixed and laid self leveling compound geez
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  3. AOIS

    AOIS New Member

    Thanks for your reply although unsure what you mean?
  4. Builderboi

    Builderboi Well-Known Member

    Self leveling compound is used to smooth and level rough surfaces.... Poorly mixed and laid it'll look that in your garage where are you based?, someone on here could come out to quote to prime and relay it properly
  5. Builderboi

    Builderboi Well-Known Member

    BTW as a garage it's purely cosmetic... I wouldn't worry about it. :hola:
  6. AOIS

    AOIS New Member

    Thanks, it should all be covered under my warranty if it's defective but that challenge is getting the developer to admit it's not right.
  7. AOIS

    AOIS New Member

    Can I ask if this type of surface will be impacted in anyway by damp or water please?
  8. Dropsalot

    Dropsalot Private Member

    Water will make it wet.
    A lot of water will make it really wet.
    If it got wet, ............but then didn't get any wetter, ......after a time it would of course be damp.....
    Hope this helps.......:whistle:
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