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John j

Mono Don
Not yet mate. But as it was said before it wasnt a good time to look. Been on job sites, Sent CVs and contacted loads of firms. Have had one member contact me and he was absolutely sound, hopefully something will come of it once I meet him and show my work. But still searching otherwise.
Who contacted you @Andy g


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Hello guys

Returned to London to settle as been working as a domestic plasterer for a few years now for a.small company in Guildford. Willing to relocate anywhere in London

looking to work in a firm on a full time basis as part of a team, but if not, happy to work alongside a plasterer as I'm self employed.

Never been keen to go full in on my own as prefer to work with someone and have the security of consistent work

In process of completing my NVQ level 2 portfolio to get my blue card, bit will be getting my preliminary red CSCS card in January 2019.

I've references and CV

Any leads or interest be much appreciated

I bet you have had a right laugh reading some of the reply’s I’m lost for words