Metallic paints on venetian


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Hi just wondering if anyone uses metallic paints? I did a wall at home last week and think it looks pretty mad...Seems to change colours on different angles


That does look good.

I know that venetian and paint effects go hand in hand


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Yep it's Istinto and yep it's coro roofing lol We put it through the whole house looks sweet lots of homes have it up here it's common in the top end of Australia no painting easy to clean and no water damage if the roof leaks. We had 1200mm of rain in January UK gets about 900mm a year :frio:


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Looks similar in the pics to istinto but I think it's more of a rub in type thing.
yeah i had the paint (Gioia)tints and istinto in the shed and decided to try it out while we were flooded in for 2 weeks. I tried to paint a wall last year and stuffed it up massively so lost confidence but after this one I'm keen to do another.