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My First Magnetic plaster job

Discussion in 'Magnetic Plaster Discussions' started by Vincey, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    Can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 years ago to the day that I got a call off a builder to work on this refurb and to use Magnetic plaster at a bunker, it was a big job tbf and still isn’t fully completed, thought its worth a share of some pictures from the project and some of the walls magnetic was used, tbh getting jobs using the material is quite a hard sell in domestic environment, the material is expensive plus as a plasterer we obviously want labour price too but in terms of a product I think it’s a great idea.
    2EFA2665-EE89-46CE-9655-7017AF407D9E.png C02F2A12-5AC4-47EB-95D3-472C24F32268.png 467ACC19-871F-4BC3-B2F0-970A13D61DD7.png BA4E867A-6351-49A1-9317-C4D48A56F0BD.png A753B596-61A5-4045-964B-D333F05006B8.png 02588D4D-C10B-4904-A8E4-25EAE39CF435.png 0163577C-DF14-463B-B5F7-19C125E0D3E2.jpeg D981DA7F-9953-4B4A-8D57-E52252E52383.jpeg


    Attached Files:

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  2. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

  3. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

    I don't think the cost of the materials should come into it if your doing the room anyway. I've offered it on certain jobs and when you explain what your getting for an extra £80ish is a good price to pay. It shouldn't effect your price for labour anyway, fair enough you would struggle to concentrate on magnetic on its own but offering it on every job costs you nothing and maybe could get you the job.
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  4. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    Ffs BG reps at it again!!!!!!
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  5. Topspread16

    Topspread16 Active Member

    Mint job Vincey, would of loved to be on that. Right up my street.

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  6. JessThePlasterer

    JessThePlasterer Well-Known Member

    Is that George Clark??
  7. stuart23

    stuart23 Private Member

    Did you do all the plastering or just the magnetic?
  8. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    All the plastering stu mate, there was only a small team working there one trade each , Jamie who owns it had a guy doing demo and ground work and a metal framer in front of me , on a few occasions I took my plasterer mate and plasterer cousin to try to speed work up for deadlines , the first phase is done he lives there now but phase 2 and 3 still to start
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  9. Arti

    Arti Private Member

    Was clarky a bit of a bellend?
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  10. Vincey

    Vincey Private Member

    No mate he was really sound down to Earth , said it was just pure chance that he got into t.v work , he loves buildings that’s for sure , he always try’s to go places by train instead of driving, when filming was going on me and 2 others were allowed to stay there for the days and it was great to do that , probably won’t happen again
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  11. Nicm

    Nicm Well-Known Member

    Great job Pete.
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  12. zombie

    zombie Private Member

    I'm glad you said he was sound as I always think he comes across as a nice bloke on the telly.. .

    In fact I think I might have got a bit of a bromance for him...bloody lovely he is!!!!
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  13. CeeVee

    CeeVee Well-Known Member

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