Newbie needs advice for fireplace arch


I’m new here :)

I’m currently drylining a chimney breast and builder’s opening (cement boarding the inside of the opening).

The fireplace/opening has a brick arch and I would like to retain this feature without having to square it off.

I’m drylining the face of the chimney breast and will shape the plasterboard sheets to the front face of the arch. However I’m not sure how to finish the arch underneath? I’ve bought a plastic arch angle bead which I will attach onto the arch edge, but please can anyone offer advice on how to finish the arch return?

Bonding cost and then attach the corner bead and skim or use plasterboard scored width ways to create a slight curve, then skim?

Also is it ok to use plasterboard on the fireplace arch? Cement board would never bend!! Any other ways of doing it?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks Alex
Thanks for the sensible reply Jess!

Change of plan now; as I’ve lined the inside of the opening with hardiebacker I need to put a closure plate at the top of the opening. This means that I’d need to ensure that the plasterboard came down to meet this closure plate (which is square). So unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to sacrifice the arch....

Also if I didn’t make sure the plasterboard on the chimney breast came lower than the arch you would be able to see the top of the cement board!

I’m trying to upload a picture of the said fireplace but it’s proving difficult. :mad:

For future reference Jess what would you use to render, I know it needs to be fireproof?



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Small job but zombies right there’s more to doing this job , plasterers get paid for there knowledge and skill this is probably the most important part of that job , I’d definitely rip those boards back off , they shouldn’t be on there for sure


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Tbf they look like cement boards which is correct...

But if not then yes defo would need to come off!