Run cornice in-situ

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I’m not sure about the plastic, if it gets scuffed you would get a line in the run. I suppose it could be ok for a cove or an s shape cornice, but if it was a Victorian straight run with a bit of detail say a drip member zinc or tin would be a lot better and you would get a better finish on the Cornice and keep the details sharp.


Hi Guy's, curiosity is killing this cat, did the poster get the job done or not??? I run a small outfit who are specialist in immortalising profiles of peoples faces, pets into garden urns covington whatever they want, any part of the anatomy can be profiled. etc... so if you could promote this i'm your man ££ for all. 1. female garden urn , 2 Pet Norwich Terrier Jardiniere, 3 Male personal coving.



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I bet they don't skip any molds they make.
I bet they do. We skip thrm all.

The cost of 250 is to run a reverse mould on the bench so it can then be cast from. The reverse mould is made of Plaster so no good once of the bench.

Running the cornice on the bench defeats the point of casting. So that's why a reverse mould is done so it can be cast.