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Skimming going off

Discussion in 'The Plasterers Forums FAQ's' started by mickyburr, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. mickyburr

    mickyburr Member

    did artex ceiling today bonded it skimmed it skimming going off to quick on top of bonding could not finish it just flattened it the finish looks horrible could not finish it ran out of multi will it be oright next day if I pva and skim first time on artex ceiling help please
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  2. algeeman

    algeeman Private Member

    nurofen ??
  3. Cockney1

    Cockney1 Active Member

    Pull the ceiling down! Reboard and skim again fresh!! :bananahappy:
  4. gps

    gps Private Member

    That's a slightly different story, are you sober now ?
  5. Clint chapman

    Clint chapman Member

    You didn't run out of water and piss in the bucket has a tendency to be unpredictable on setting times I'm sure you know
  6. Clint chapman

    Clint chapman Member

    I hear gypsum got a new bonding out sets in an hr just use dirty skimming water sets in 10 minutes kick start that trowel
  7. Simon85

    Simon85 Well-Known Member

    Was there a similar thread?
  8. choppa

    choppa Active Member

    Micky just give up I don't think your cut out for plastering.
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  9. gps

    gps Private Member

    Yes from what I remember lol
  10. Heritage Plasters

    Heritage Plasters Active Member

    I'd bond and reskim... Have more plaster than you need though, nothing worse than running out.

    Lots of things will speed up your set time. Dirty water, old mud, looking at the mud funny, but the one that seems to do it the worst and catch most people is using warm water. Usually happens on the first mix after lunch when the hose was sitting in the sun for awhile. New guys don't get rid of the warm water first and mix it up and its setting before its out of the bucket. :rayos:
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  11. beader

    beader Private Member

    Wow serves you right for letting your laborer come prostitute sit out side topping up their tan when she could be sucking off men making a few quid on the side.
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