Terrible Rendering competition


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Went to look at one today in Southport. Some numpty has rendered over mock Tudor timbers. No doubt paid up in full and never to be seen again. Tyrolean is patchy as fook too so even if he didn't balls it up by rendering over old timber it looked turd anyway.



Davy sned

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Went to quote render job yesterday and gave me idea for thread.I always love seeing pictures of all the good jobs people post but what about the bad one's,sometimes I enjoy seeing them more than the good one's.There is loads round my way (not all done by me,lol) so there must be loads more when you lot are out and about..
Lets get it started..
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You won't beat this beauty, done by some subbies I had on for a short while [emoji30]View attachment 12212


Love how they have insulated the s**t pipe in. And left the verge trim a tad short yee ar

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John j

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What council did on street. Dont look to bad here . Could really get a good pic as didnt want neightbour catching me taking pics as would of seemed weird. I.ll get one of my attemp of side of garage later . Its not to bad its a 3rd webber a 3rd s +c and 3rd k rend